NBA Games Not in HD

Why Can’t I Get the Celtics in HD?

I wonder why the NBA and my cable company (Comcast) can’t broadcast Celtics games in High Definition? Every Red Sox game is broadcast in HD, every Patriots game is broadcast in HD, any game on TNT, ESPN or ESPN2 is broadcast in HD… yet the NBA and Comcast can’t figure out how to do this for the Celtics fans in Boston. Give me a break!

Yesterday, the Celtics played the Cavs and the game was broadcast on NBATV in HD, except Boston where it was blacked out. How stupid is this? I have the NBA League Pass and I live in Boston and this game was filmed and broadcast in High Definition yet only standard definition was available in the Boston area. Here is a screenshot I pulled from the standard def broadcast:

Double Dribble

Whether its Comcast, the Celtics, the NBA, Comcast Sports New England or whoever… somebody needs to step up and ensure that Boston fans get all these games in HD. Don’t the Celtics realize how much competition there is for the sports teams in Boston? The Patriots and Sox are insanely popular so the Celtics need to do more to attract the average fan. And keep their biggest fans happy!


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  1. Dude, I feel your pain as a fellow comcast customer. I want to rip my eyes out every time I turn my TV on. I love my Comcast DVR that freezes on a function when you try to fast forward or rewind (3rd DVR i’ve had by the way). Oh yeah, its also fun DVRing a game and the DVR automatically skips to the end when you’re fast forwarding within like 20 minutes of the ending. 4th quarter of the football game…fast forwarding through the commercials…annnnnd theres the end of the game on my tv. gotta love it

  2. i have actually taken the time to email the celtics and comcast about this. no reply

  3. re: smb

    I was actually going to compliment comcast on their dvr service… until my cable box just froze and now all the hd channels are choppy. I think I’m going to have a seizure watching the Celts-Knicks and the Cowboys-Packers if this keeps up tonight!

  4. re: szlos

    i think a lot of people are complaining and wouldn’t be surprised to see a comcast sports new england HD channel within the next couple of months.

  5. You sure it wasn’t the Knicks play causing your seizure. For once I can’t blame comcast for something. The Knicks shooting .200 from the floor wasn’t a result of my HD service. I’m pretty sure Comcast may put Isiah in charge of operations soon though.

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