Marko Jaric’s Girlfriend

Marko Jaric: Way Out of His League

For some reason, people looking for Marko Jaric’s girlfriend keep ending up at this blog. Well, I did some digging and apparently, Jaric goes out with Victoria Secret supermodel Adriana Lima. So, it looks lik not only is Jaric way out of his league on the court… but off it as well.

Here is Marko Jaric…

Marko Jaric

Here is his girlfriend…

Marko Jaric Girlfriend Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Wow, whats next… we find out Brian Scalabrine is going out with Jessica Alba?!

More Adriana Lima!


70 Responses

  1. Hey, leave Scal out of this. He is beautiful and graceful on and off the court.

  2. No way, oh hell NO shes to fucking cute to go out with that fu….pfff!

  3. at least we know that you are not shallow thats for sure im sure there is something nice about him i just never thought someone so beautiful would date someone so opposite!! that just makes you a better person..

  4. adriana esta bien guapa quiero que se mi novia

  5. hej Adriana Lima a je shiptare allahile :d
    shum e bukur je :d

  6. Its just a joke… she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and Marko is a little known NBA journeyman. In all honesty, good for him.

  7. No te la mereces tendrias que ser mejor que yo si quieres a Adriana

  8. No te la mereces ni tu ni nadie tendrian que ser mejores que yo si quieren a Adriana

  9. she is a Virgin ..

  10. Adriana Lima gives a new meaning to the world beautiful… I will never be afraid of her; I’ll will feel protecte whatever I go. She is gorgeous!

  11. well my opinion is that he must have a unique quality and she is the best of the best, so why not dating?? well if they are, good for them that shows qualities on both, wheater she or he is cute or ugly, the heart is the one shinning and thats what matters and on the long run its what is attactive..

  12. je me shum se sexi krenohem per ty

  13. pa ko ima najbolje devojke? SRBI naravno!!!!!!1

    • Adriana ne izlazi sa citavom Srbijom. Ona izlazi sa Markom. Nemoras napravit sve o Srbijom. Svi znaju sta je Srbija. Stavi svoj nacialism u guscu i zacepi.

  14. Hell no, not this goofy looking bastard. She is unbelievably gorgeous!

  15. haha oh dang hes a fucking chode.
    wow she gorgeous and he sucks at basketball and is ugly.

  16. this guy is the luckyest s.o.b. in the entire world.
    i wwould give anything to be able to wax on and wx off all over her…
    this mufucka stole my dreamm girl…..

    ti amour Adriana Lima <3
    …. but i guess i cant hate…….. plz anyone… i nNEED one of those!

  17. I wouldnt fart on his face… The ugly stogie head

  18. ela e muito gata linda!
    de corpo e de rosto muito linda mesmo na sua beleza encontra uma imagem linda!

  19. wow.. hot women.. sexy and warm

  20. Marko je sad sjebao sve Amere koji su se lozili na Adrianu…to care!

  21. titsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marry me……. oh and come sit on my dick

  22. Adriana is an extraordinary pearl ,she so hot hot hot…

  23. I ja sam Srbin, ali majku mu, stidim se da sam markov sunarodnik.. (I am also from Serbia, but am ashamed to be the same nation as he is). Lik nema pojma sa basketom, a kako je Adriana nevina, bar se nadam, nece jos otkriti da je verovatno i los u krevetu. (The character doesn’t even know how to play the ball, and since Adriana is a virgin, or at least I hope so, she will not discover that he is most likely bad in the sack too). Mislim da je on sramota Srbije (I think that he is a discrase to Serbia). Ja bih bio bolji i na terenu, a VEROVATNO i u krevetu sa njom (I would play games better, and probably would be better in bed with her).

    • pa mamu ti jebem seljacku ti si srbin jebem ti sve
      ti mozes samo da sanjas da budes kao on
      pa idiote jedan njegov pod je tvoj vrh
      ti si bolji od njega u kosarci da te pljune ce da zardjas
      sigurno si tamo neka nakaza koja ka drka na svakih pet minuta
      cigane jedan!!!

      • Vidi nacialista. Idi nazad sa svojim cetnikima, da vas hoce neko sve pobit tako da more Srbija ponovo bit ikakva respektovana drzava.

  24. Mislim daj, prosek po mecu mu je 5 poena i 1 asistencija. Pa i da sam corav, imao bih bolju statistiku (I mean, come on, he has 5 points and 1 assist per game. Even if I was blind, i would have better figures). Adriana, kad se pogledas u ogledalo, reci sebi – glupaca!!! (Adriana, when you look yourself in the mirror, tell yourself – I’m stupid!!!)

  25. Adriana, Lick my nut sack

  26. I would do him. I can see the attraction. He is not conventionally cute. He is probably one of those people who either is hard to photograph and get their ‘essence’ or next to impossible to photograph and get their true quality. I would bet in person he is stunning with charisma wafting off of him. As an artist and a photographer, I alway find it interesting who the camera does and does not like,

  27. Oh, I forgot to add that I googled images of him before making the statement I made above. Because if I had to judge his attractivity factor by the one that is shown above which makes him look like a mongoloid baboon with possible eye trouble. That is a really thugly pic of him.

  28. Maybe he has a 14 inch schlong.

  29. Adriana, there’s still time to upgrade to Sasha Vujacic!!!

  30. Thats what money can get you man, especially the money an NBA player would bring home.

  31. people I am from serbia where Marko is from,and belive me hi is very hot in person..I am not surprised that he found girl like this…trust me

  32. beautiful

  33. She is so pretty.
    He isn’t bad either but in reality if they love each other then that’s all that matters. She’s obviously not interested in his money because she herself is a multi-millionaire but if they love each other then it’s all good. Oh by the way, they’re engaged. They’re getting married January 2009. He proposed to her on her birthday.


  34. Ma ko pita ove glupe Amere sta misle….Marko i Adriana su taman jedno za drugo.Marko izgleda savrsno,bas kao i ona.Da nije mozda njihov Majkl Dzekson lep?

  35. honestly she on fuckin drugs ! he so fuckin ulgy !
    derek jeter is hotter then tat mutha fucker
    he looks like a child molester


  37. lol whats the matter with u people dose it really matter if he is good in basketball or not if he scores 5 or 3 points per game who cares, he scored ADRIANA LIMA. every one of you jealous people would piss in your pents just to meet her never mind to go to bad with her every night. And he is really good looking guy but for you that don’t think so its not all about looks especially when it comes to guys. Serbs rule when it comes to ladies)))

  38. shes absolutely gorgeous……he’s lucky to be w/ her, regardless of his looks…i don’t think he’s the worst looking person in the world, as some of you think, but i agree that they seem to be an oddly matched couple….whats more, how could she be w/ a guy who has played for the Clippers, T-Wolves, & Grizzlies?!?! Lol, she has no taste in basketball teams, or just doesnt know enough about how much they suck…he’s so bad, they don’t even play him anymore….

  39. She is gorgous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. what a ugly ass guy what the hell does she see in him omfg

  41. What do you all have to say now losers???She married our hotti..they sure will have gorgeous kids!!!

    Bravos marko kralje!!!


  43. Ok guys. Everyone is asking about why the beautiful girl would be with the ugly man. Hmmmm….. money maybe? Hello! He’s in the NBA! They ALL make great money, even the benchwarmers. So why is everyone so shocked about this. Lyle Lovett got Julia Roberts.

    • I actually think she makes more then him or around the same.. she could have done better with looks and money..

  44. This is just a guess, but I’m assuming Adriana does not know that much about basketball…so maybe she doesn’t know that her husband sucks. However superstars like Kobe, LeBron, Kevin Garnett, and Carmelo Anthony all have wives that are pretty but not supermodel-ish. To be honest I think the ballers mentioned above have wives that are actually wives. KG’s wife looks like a sweet down to earth girl who’s pretty where it counts. Not every guy wants a wife who has her pictures all over the world.

  45. Conclusion from this post:

    Americans = extremely shallow , materialistic , jealous people totally numb for love….

    You will never see a “pretty” (silicone enhanced) american women marry someone “beneath her in looks”…you people are a plague on this planet…

  46. Hey guys! she is better off with him then you all thats for sure! All Americans are ugly as shit… I can not even tell which race is uglier… white, black, yellow, brown… Marko is 6’7” with a body of super model, and yall just fat as shit! go take yourself in the gym instead of writing these dumbass comments here!!!!! fat motherf….

  47. clearly, brother be packin’ some pipe

  48. He’s a Serb and she’s Brazilian, so they’re both foreigners with different values than most Americans. Most American men want to try before they buy and probably didn’t like the idea of marrying a virgin. (She is Adriana Lima, but still. I can see some guys not being into a girl who wants to get married and have kids right away.)

    I wish her the best, but I also wish she’d picked an older guy. No matter how beautiful a woman is, men get bored after a few years. The longer a guy waits to get married, the fewer years he has to be faithful. Marry a guy who’s forty, and in ten years, his biology slows down and it’s easier to keep your vows.

    As a woman, I really don’t find him ugly. He’s not Gabriel Byrne, but he’s not bad.

    • I’m sorry that you may have been with men who are young and cheat but EWW she doesn’t need to get with a guy with old balls to avoid being cheated on.. not everyone gets cheated on! I date men my age or a year older and I’m in my 20’s no one has ever cheated on me b/c i have good taste and I’ve never settled like Adreona did.. I do wish you good luck and it’s nice that you want to help out the middle aged men but their would be less cougars and single mothers if hot young women stuck to men more our age

  49. Yes Adriana Lima is brasilian, she’s exotic cuz she’s mulata (mixed black&white) as a bunch people in the Brazil (I forgot the name of the other supermodel from brasil who dated leonardo de caprio.. she’s mulata too). Brasillians would have prettiest people in the world if they had kept the mix black & white ONLY.. the problem was some re-mixed with natives americans or asians.. :(((( (I’m not racist agaisnt asians or natives/indians), just think white people should to mix only blacks and their childreen only with whites or blacks once again… We would have alot exotics gourgous girls in the americas.

    • She is NOT Mulata. If she were, she would look more like your typical black/white mixed person, but if you look closely you can tell there are some Amerindian genes in her and that’s way she looks the way she does. Her exotic beauty is shaped by Black, White and Native Indian genes. Her diverse heritage comprises a racial and ethnic mix of Portuguese, French, Amerindian, and Afro-Brazilian. As for the Brazilian supermodel that dated Leonardo DiCaprio, that would be Gisele Bündchen and she is sure as hell NOT Mulata you retard. Just look at her, she’s 100% white from her FULL-BLOODED German ancestry. You must be the dumbest mother-fucker on this planet. Do everyone a favour and go die. Your ignorant stupidity is tainting us all. Someone like YOU can not see it, but Brazil has some of the prettiest people in the world because of ALL these wonderful and interesting mixtures, it creates a new template of people.
      Sources: &

  50. Just so you guys know, while Audriana is hands down the hottest chick in the entire universe, she’s also the biggest most high maintenance, needs to be catered to bitch in the entire world. I used to pray to the gods that somehow, someway I could possibly run into her and she would fall in love with me, but then I read a number of articles and interviews with her and she thinks she’s the toats magoats. She expects every door to be opened and held for her, she doesnt drive, only chauffeured, she expects anybody she dates to buy her ridiculously expensive gifts like once a week. I just remember reading her interviews and being totally appalled. I would totally tap that, but that’s it. It’s good she’s getting boned by a terrible ugly basketball player, she would be perfect if she was this sweet down to earth super hot girl, but the fact that she’s a stuck up bitch kinda ruins it.

  51. At least she didn’t marry a moolie. Folks busting on Jaric are just jealous. Pathetic swine.

  52. if an ugly ass serb got this georgeus beauty to marry him…then we cant even emagine what a good looking one would get…

  53. adriana lima es para mi la mujer mas bella del mundo ese tipo no esta a su altura me entristeci cuando supe que se habia casado

  54. kissssssss

  55. okay,so she is beautiful and he is “ugly” you can say what ever you want about him but the fact is that he is sleeping with her and you are pathetic losers.
    Oh, Ana is wright is your michael jakson pretty???!
    a ti ambrose jedi govna mamu ti jebem ti si mi neki srbin idi pokrij se i drkaj ga negde na babe!!

  56. hey, i’m late to the party, but all you jealous motherfuckers are CRAAAAZY… Jaric is a sexy bitch!

    And my opinion actually counts, I’m a heterosexual woman, FYI.

    Good luck to Adriana and Marko!

  57. ellos hacen una linda pareja!! y me parece ofencivo que critiquen a Marko, diciendo cosas feas de el como que no la merece!!
    si ellos se aman tienen derecho de casarse y tener un matrimonio feliz!!!
    estoy muy contenta por ella ya que hallo un hombre que la ame de verdad, no po su dinero, ni por ser famosa o atractiva sino por el verdadero valor de cada ser humano.
    ademas ADRIANA hizo lo correscto al casarse,,
    Espero que tenga muchos hijos y sean muy felices, tengan un hogar lleno de amor!!! un matrimonio eterno!! por el tiempo y por la eternidad

  58. what do u expect us serbs go hard

  59. he must have a nice penis.. that’s the only thing i can think of.. he’s not ugly he just needs reconstructive surgery on his eyes or lack of shall i say.. yea he def must be good in bed b/c i wouldn’t touch that and I’m no adreona!

  60. Definately, your ladies are fascinating however these ones are bout it bout it. Just see Margie Wiegman

  61. lol it’s funny how all of the Serbs on here are complaining about the Americans being shallow and jealous and insecure, when every single post made by a Serb has to do with how Serbian men are somehow supposedly better compared to non-Serbs. Every post. Talk about insecurities.

    As for Marko and Adriana, she is clearly an idiot. It’s not love, and he is not a good man, he is a good liar. He cheated on his previous girlfriends, he sexually assulted a woman while dating Adriana, and he spent New Years with his ex while Adriana was taking care of their child. Real man there. Out of all the men you could have Adri, way to pick the biggest loser you could find. I feel like she’s self-destructive.

  62. Marko tried to rape me too. He’s crazy and frightening.

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