NBA Games Not in HD

Why Can’t I Get the Celtics in HD?

I wonder why the NBA and my cable company (Comcast) can’t broadcast Celtics games in High Definition? Every Red Sox game is broadcast in HD, every Patriots game is broadcast in HD, any game on TNT, ESPN or ESPN2 is broadcast in HD… yet the NBA and Comcast can’t figure out how to do this for the Celtics fans in Boston. Give me a break!

Yesterday, the Celtics played the Cavs and the game was broadcast on NBATV in HD, except Boston where it was blacked out. How stupid is this? I have the NBA League Pass and I live in Boston and this game was filmed and broadcast in High Definition yet only standard definition was available in the Boston area. Here is a screenshot I pulled from the standard def broadcast:

Double Dribble

Whether its Comcast, the Celtics, the NBA, Comcast Sports New England or whoever… somebody needs to step up and ensure that Boston fans get all these games in HD. Don’t the Celtics realize how much competition there is for the sports teams in Boston? The Patriots and Sox are insanely popular so the Celtics need to do more to attract the average fan. And keep their biggest fans happy!


Marko Jaric’s Girlfriend

Marko Jaric: Way Out of His League

For some reason, people looking for Marko Jaric’s girlfriend keep ending up at this blog. Well, I did some digging and apparently, Jaric goes out with Victoria Secret supermodel Adriana Lima. So, it looks lik not only is Jaric way out of his league on the court… but off it as well.

Here is Marko Jaric…

Marko Jaric

Here is his girlfriend…

Marko Jaric Girlfriend Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima

Wow, whats next… we find out Brian Scalabrine is going out with Jessica Alba?!

More Adriana Lima!

NBA Power Rankings – Week 4

NBA Power Rankings – Week 4

Boston Celtics Logo

RankTeam(Record)+/- Pt DifferentialPrevious Ranking


1 – Boston Celtics (11-1) +13.0 last week rank: 1
Week results: 3-0 (GS, LAL, @ Cha)

2 – Phoenix Suns (11-2) +7.9 last week rank: 2
Week results: 3-0 (@ Sac, Sac, LAC)

3 – San Antonio Spurs (12-2) +9.5 last week rank: 3
Week results: 4-0 (Orl, Mem, @ Sea)

4 – Orlando Magic (12-3) +6.8 last week rank: 5
Week results: 3-1 (@ NO, @ SA, Cha, Mia)

5 – Utah Jazz (10-4) +8.5 last week rank: 9
Week results: 3-0 (NJ, NO, @ Det)

6 – Dallas Mavericks (9-4) +5.7 last week rank: 4
Week results: 2-2 (Tor, @ Hou, @ Ind, @ Mil)

7 – Milwaukee Bucks (7-4) –0.5 last week rank: 16
Week results: 3-0 (@ Cle, LAL, Dal)

8 – New Orleans Hornets (10-5) +4.1 last week rank: 6
Week results: 1-3 (Orl, Ind, @ Uta, @ LAC)

9 – Denver Nuggets (9-5) +5.6 last week rank: 8
Week results: 2-2 (Chi, @ LAC, Min, @ Hou)

10 – New Jersey Nets (7-7) –6.8 last week rank: 26
Week results: 3-1 (@ Uta, @ Por, @ Sea, @ LAL)

11 – Detroit Pistons (8-5) +3.4 last week rank: 10
Week results: 2-1 (NY, Phi, Uta)

12 – Cleveland Cavaliers (8-6) –1.1 last week rank: 13
Week results: 3-1 (Mil, @ Min, Tor, @ Ind)

13 – Golden State Warriors (5-7) –2.5 last week rank: 17
Week results: 3-1 (@ NY, @ Bos, @ Was, @ Phi)

14 – LA Lakers (7-6) +4.2 last week rank: 7
Week results: 1-3 (@ Ind, @ Mil, @ Bos, NJ)

15 – Houston Rockets (7-7) +2.1 last week rank: 11
Week results: 1-2 (Dal, @ Mia, Den)

16 – Toronto Raptors (7-7) +3.6 last week rank: 12
Week results: 2-2 (@ Dal, @ Mem, @ Cle, Chi)

17 – LA Clippers (6-6) –3.4 last week rank: 19
Week results: 1-2 (Den, @ Pho, NO)

18 – Indiana Pacers (6-8) –2.6 last week rank: 21
Week results: 2-2 (LAL, @ NO, Dal, Cle)

19 – Washington Wizards (6-7) –0.5 last week rank: 14
Week results: 2-2 (Phi, @ Char, GS, @ Mem)

20 – Charlotte Bobcats (6-7) –2.8 last week rank: 15
Week results: 1-3 (Por, Was, @ Orl, Bos)

21 – Atlanta Hawks (5-7) –2.5 last week rank: 20
Week results: 2-1 (SA, @ Mia, @ Min)

22 – Portland Trailblazers (5-8) –4.4 last week rank: 18
Week results: 1-2 (@ Cha, NJ, Sac)

23 – Sacramento Kings (4-9) –5.8 last week rank: 22
Week results: 0-3 (Pho, @ Pho, Por)

24 – Memphis Grizzlies (4-9) –3.1 last week rank: 27
Week results: 2-2 (Sea, Tor, @ SA, Was)

25 – Miami Heat (3-10) – 5.0 last week rank: 24
Week results: 1-2 (Atl, Hou, @ Orl)

26 – Philadelphia 76ers (3-9) –3.9 last week rank: 23
Week results: 0-3 (@ Was, @ Det, GS)

27 – New York Knicks (3-9) –7.3 last week rank: 29
Week results: 1-3 (GS, @ Det, Chi)

28 – Chicago Bulls (2-10) –10.0 last week rank: 25
Week results: 0-3 (@ Den, @ NY, @ Tor)

29 – Seattle Supersonics (2-12) –8.9 last week rank: 28
Week results: 0-3 (@ Mem, NJ, SA)

30 – Minnesota Timberwolves (1-10) –8.5 last week rank: 30
Week results: 0-3 (Cle, @ Den, Atl)


NBA Star/Goat of the Week – Week 4

NBA Star of the Week

Lebron James
Lebron was a one man wrecking crew over the past week.

Lebron James – Lebron led the Cavs to a 3-1 record this week while scoring 30+ in all 4 games including back-to-back triple doubles over the weekend. For the week, James’ absurd numbers look like this: 36.5 pts, 9.5 reb, 8.5 ast, 2.8 stl, 2.5 3-pts and 1.3 blk while shooting 53% from the field. Wow!


NBA Goats of the Week

Kirk Heinrich and Tyrus Thomas of the Chicago Bulls
Chicago might have another top 5 pick if they keep this up all season.

Chicago Bulls – The Bulls dropped another 3 games this week, with blowouts at Denver and Toronto sandwiched around a loss to the embarrassing Knicks. Everyone is waiting for the Bulls to pull it together, but they actually seem to be getting worse. Is it too late to trade for Kobe?

NBA Fantasy Spin – 11/25/07

As the season goes on, its getting harder and harder to find players who can make or break your team, but there are certainly guys out there who can fill voids due to injury or poor early season performance. If you are looking for some help, here are some players that should be on your radar right now.

Antonio Daniels
If Daniels is still available, maybe its time to get out of that Yahoo! public league and into more competitive one.

Antonio Daniels – Chances are this guys was picked up in your league immediately after Arenas was declared out for 3 months. If he’s available now, pick him up… and think about joining a more competitive league next year.

Juan Carlos Navarro – This 27 year-old rookie from Spain has started the last two games for the Grizzlies and averaged 22.0 pts, 4.0 ast, 2.5 reb, 3.0 3-pts, 1.0 stl and shot 17-26 from the field. If he stays in the starting lineup for Memphis, look for Navarro, the 2006 MVP of the Spanish league, to be a solid contributor of points and treys while shooting good percentages from the field and the line.

Andres Nocioni – According to ESPN, as of right now he is owned in only 75% of leagues. Over his last six games (the last five as a starter), Nocioni has averaged 17.7 pts, 6.5 reb and 2.0 3-pts. The Bulls are such a disaster right now, who knows how long he’ll be a starter or how many minutes any Chicago player can expect from here on out. But if “Chapu” is still available, I would grab him asap.

Luis Scola – The highly touted rookie from Argentina finally has been showing some signs of life recently. Over his last five games, Scola has had 20 points three times. On the flip side, he has a combined 5 points in the other two. Scola clearly has not fully adjusted to NBA ball, but he is getting closer. The Rockets need a third option to step up and Scola might be that guy. If he can find some consistency, look for some nice points, rebounds and FG% from the 27 year-old.

Bostjan Nachbar – Over his past three games, Nachbar has averaged 16.3 pts, 3.0 3-pts, 3.0 reb, 2.0 stl and shot 52% from the field.

Brandon Bass – Keep your eye on Bass down in Dallas. He hasn’t been getting the consistent minutes all year long, but has played well when called upon. Bass has averaged 14 points and 6 rebounds over last last three.

Marco Jaric – Marco should see the bulk of playing time in Minnesota, with Sebastian Telfair as his main competition for minutes. In his last two games, the 29 year-old Jaric has averaged 17.0 pts, 6.0 ast, 2.5 reb, 1.5 stl, 2.0 blk and 1.0 3-pts.

NBA Web Roundup – Arenas Out for 3 Months

Gilbert Arenas Injury
Gilbert Arenas Underwent Knee Surgery and Will be Out for 3 Months

Links from around the NBA…

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! This year I want to give thanks to Vince Carter… for this:

NBA Fantasy Spin – 11/21/07

Highlights from another wild night in the NBA

NBA Fantasy Spin

Looking for some fantasy basketball help? Keep your eye on these youngsters…

Andray Blatche – The third year forward has seen his minutes increasing lately and last night responded with 26 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists and a block on 12-14 shooting. While he won’t score 26 every night, look for Blatche to score in double figures with great blocks and some rebounds coming off the bench.

Washington Wizards Andray Blatche
Blatche scored a career higher 26 on Tuesday against the 76ers

Jordan Farmar – Farmar has been playing very well in limited minutes lately and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him eventually take over the starting PG spot for the Lakers. Over the past four games, the 20 year-old has averaged 12.5 pts, 4.5 reb, 4.0 ast, 2.3 3-pts and 2.5 stl while shooting 53%.

Louis Williams – Over the past two games, Williams has averaged 22.0 pts, 3.0 reb, 3.5 ast, 3.0 3-pts and 1.5 stl while shooting 69% from the field. Philly really doesn’t have any better options at SG as far as I can tell. Even when Kyle Korver comes back, if Williams continues his play, it will be impossible for the 76ers to keep him on the bench.

Shawne Williams – This second year forward out of Memphis has averaged 20.0 pts, 5.5 reb, 2.5 3-pts, 1.5 stl and 1.5 blk while hitting 15 of his 22 field goals over the past two games for the Pacers.