Sports Illustrated: The Basketball Book

So my girlfriend gave me this book for Christmas:

The Basketball Book

The first thing I noticed about The Basketball Book is how big it is. It is huge and heavy. The next thing that stands out is the quality of the photographs in the book. This has to be the best collection of basketball pictures ever assembled. Sports Illustrated covers everything from James Naismith through to the 2006-2007 NBA and NCAA seasons. I love Sports Illustrated because of both the photos and the excellent writers. This book is a compilation of their best basketball photos and writing over the years plus lots of seemingly new content, including a great forward by Alexander Wolff.

I guess what will be most interesting to me is to read about the older players, who I have only seen here and there on NBATV and ESPN Classic. While there is information on women, high schoolers, and college players; the bulk of the content seems to be on the NBA. This is obviously fine by me!

Right now, The Basketball Book only $19.77 at Amazon! They also have SI’s The Football Book and SI’s The Baseball Book too. I also got The Football Book for Christmas, but haven’t had a chance to look at that as much yet. It seems to be similar and definitely has some great photographs, too.

Sports Illustrated: The Basketball Book