NBA Web Roundup – KG the Beast, More Vince Carter and Kobe the Soccer Player

Ronaldinho interviews Kobe

    Kobe talks about his dream to play soccer for Barcelona FC

    If you read the Weekend Dime article, you know that Kobe Bryant is a huge fan of Barcelona FC and their star player Ronaldinho. Kobe would seriously impress me if he could pull a move like Ronaldinho did on Saturday…

    Here are some quotes from GolTV announcer Ray Hudson right after this goal. (I wish I had the GolTV video to post.)


    NBA Web Roundup: Trades, a Failed Proposal and the FroHawk

    Oden’s Mohawk

    Greg Oden is sporting a new look

    Top links from around the NBA:

    And for our video, we have Steve Nash using Craig Sager as his personal handkerchief. I love how Sager tries to pretend this doesn’t happen right after. Thanks to FanIQ for finding this.

    NBA Web Roundup – Injuries, H.O.R.S.E. and Free Tacos

    NBA Web Roundup

    Carmelo Anthony Sprains Ankle

    Carmelo Anthony is the latest NBA star to go down with an injury

    Top NBA Links for 1/22:

    This video kills me. Thanks to The Blowtorch for finding this…

      NBA Web Roundup – Vote for Chris Bosh!

      Links from around the NBA…

      Chris Bosh

      Chris Bosh wants your vote.

      And last but not least, here is Chris (Dubya) Bosh campaigning for All Star votes:

      NBA Web Roundup – Arenas Out for 3 Months

      Gilbert Arenas Injury
      Gilbert Arenas Underwent Knee Surgery and Will be Out for 3 Months

      Links from around the NBA…

      Have a Happy Thanksgiving! This year I want to give thanks to Vince Carter… for this:

      NBA Web Roundup – Starbury Out in NY

      Starbury Out In NY

      Stephon Marbury
      Think I Can Still Return My Marbury Fathead?

      Links from around the NBA:

      And here’s some fun from the TNT Postgame show…

      NBA Web Roundup – Stick a Fork in Shaq

      Shaq needs to hang up his Heat uniform and start his crime fighting career.

      Shaq needs to hang up his Heat uniform and start his crime fighting career.

      • In the Daily Dime, Mark Stein asks if Shaq is done. I say he is… Shaq disagrees. Between the Heat and the Dolphins, the sports scene is not looking so hot in Miami right now. Its like the anti-Boston. Of course, it was 30 degrees here in Boston today so at least they got somethin’ on us. If you have ESPN Insider here is David Thorpe with more piling on Shaq.
      • Play of the Night by Deron Williams. DWill is sick!
      • TrueHoop: Die-hard Sonics fan take on owner Clay Bennett’s announcement that he is applying to move the team to OKC. The best thing about this article was that I found out that the official group lobbying to stop this move is known as “Save Our Sonics and Storm”. C’mon, no one want to save the Storm!
      • Sorry “Save Our Sonics and Storm” movement but David Stern foresees no new team for Seattle.
      • Chicago fans are angry already after the Bulls horrid start. Just a slightly unfavorable comparison of the current Bulls team to the 03-04 Pistons.
      • Sure, Lamar Odom is too hurt to help my fantasy lineup… but he is healthy enough to party at Club Ritual. Which relative knit you that sweater, O?