Dick Bavetta Reffing Game 7: Spurs @ Hornets

Well, I haven’t posted in a while… but who has time to post with all these NBA playoff games on?! I have so many thoughts on the NBA right now, just not enough time to write them all up. But one thing I must bring up is the decision tonight to have Dick Bavetta ref possibly the most important game of the playoffs so far, tonight’s game 7 San Antonio vs. New Orleans. This has all the making of an all-time classic, but I have a terrible feeling that I am going to sitting in my condo at 11:15 PM EST furious at another Dick Bavetta playoff travesty.

NBA Game Fixer Dick Bavetta


Where is the accountability, David Stern? How can the NBA possibly reward this guy after his performance during game 6 of the Cavs-Celtics series? I’m not even going to get into all the foolishness that went on in that debacle, but lets just say I’ve seen Harlem Globetrotters – Washington Generals games that were more legitimate. And what is Bavetta even doing still officiating important games? He should have been banned, arrested and possibly deported after his role in game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

But, instead David Stern and the NBA continue to send Bavetta, Joey Crawford, Bennett Salvatore, etc. to fix… errrr, officiate the biggest games of the playoffs. Does Stern have this little faith in the quality of the NBA product that he feels he needs to turn the league into the WWE just to get his most marketable players and teams to advance in the playoffs? I just don’t get it. Why are you trying to ruin the game that I and so many other fans love?

The audacity of the NBA in how they deal with official really is astounding. Not only do they quite obviously officiate games way different depending on arena, team and player involved in each call, but they don’t even make an attempt to appear unbiased. How could anyone argue that Dick Bavetta of all the basketball refs on this planet is the best person to be officiating this (or any) NBA game. Think about that. The NBA could basically choose any referee in the whole world to work these games and Dick Bavetta, Joey Crawford and Bennett Salvadore are the best three people they could come up with. Seriously? You are telling us all that there is no one in the world who could do this better?

Why isn’t Arlen Specter calling for an investigation into all of this? Tim Donaghy was alleged to have fixed over 100 NBA games! And clearly, something else is very, very wrong with how these games are being officiated. And its not like this is something new. I can remember back in 1999 the refs giving every single call to the Jazz in their first round series win against the Kings. Ralph freaking Nader even chimed in on that absurd game 6 from 2002. And lets not forget last year’s Suns-Spurs series, the Heat-Mavs Finals, just about any Lakers game from the Shaq-Kobe era… I could go on and on. God help us all if Lebron ever goes to New York… it will be like the perfect storm of NBA referee fixing.

I would honestly feel better with Doneghy working the game over the guys I mentioned above; at least Doneghy was (from what I can tell) fixing the over/under.

Oh, and one more thing, Stern… I’m not sure if you’re aware or not, but many of us now have DVR/Tivo. This makes it very easy to rewind any questionable call that is made. Combined with clear HDTV, we can easily see these bad calls instantly. So, your strategy of having ABC not show replays on obviously blown calls is not going to stop us from seeing through the BS. (I wonder who got fired today for letting that Lebron jersey pull replay) In fact, if anything, the fact that you are not showing these replays gives more credence to those of us who believe these games are being fixed or at least assisted by the NBA and its refs.

Anyway, I sincerely hope that I am wrong and this game tonight plays out fairly and the only deciding factor is that the better team will win. We will see…


NBA Star/Goat of the Week – Week 21

NBA Star of the Week – Chris Paul


Don’t look now but the Hornets are back on top in the West

Chris Paul – Paul is making a strong push for MVP, leading the Hornets to a 5-game winning streak and the top seed in the Western Conference.  New Orleans has won 7 of 8 overall, including wins over Boston, San Antonio, the Lakers and Houston.  During the streak, Paul has averaged 24 points, 13 assists and 3 steals.  Anyone who thinks that these guys aren’t capable of winning the Western Conference come playoff time. better wake up.


NBA Goat of the Week – James Dolan

James Dolan

Don’t think we forgot about you, Knicks!

James Dolan – It has been far too long since I’ve posted something negative about the New York Knicks.  Well, apparently James Dolan came out this week and said that he would prefer to keep Isiah Thomas.  WHAT?!  How is this possible?  If i was a Knicks fan, I would demand an investigation.  Something is just wrong with whats going on with the Knicks.

NBA Power Rankings – Week 13

NBA Power Rankings – Week 13

New Orleans Hornets

RankTeam(Record)+/- Pt DifferentialPrevious Ranking

1 – New Orleans Hornets (31-12) +6.5 last week rank: 4
Week results: 4-0

2 – Boston Celtics (34-8) +10.7 last week rank: 1
Week results: 2-2

3 – Phoenix Suns (32-13) +5.6 last week rank: 3
Week results: 3-1

4 – Dallas Mavericks (30-13) +4.8 last week rank: 2
Week results: 3-1

5 – Cleveland Cavaliers (24-19) –0.9 last week rank: 13
Week results: 3-1

6 – San Antonio Spurs (28-14) +5.0 last week rank: 10
Week results: 3-1

7 – Utah Jazz (26-18) +5.3 last week rank: 11
Week results: 3-0

8 – Detroit Pistons (31-13) +7.5 last week rank: 7
Week results: 2-1

9 – Golden State Warriors (27-18) +1.8 last week rank: 8
Week results: 2-1

10 – Denver Nuggets (26-17) +2.7 last week rank: 9
Week results: 2-2

11 – Toronto Raptors (24-19) +2.8 last week rank: 15
Week results: 2-0

12 – Orlando Magic (28-18) +3.2 last week rank: 17
Week results: 3-1

13 – LA Lakers (27-15) +5.4 last week rank: 5
Week results: 1-3

14 – Portland Trailblazers (26-18) +0.8 last week rank: 6
Week results: 2-2

15 – Houston Rockets (24-20) +2.0 last week rank: 16
Week results: 3-1

16 – Washington Wizards (23-19) +2.0 last week rank: 12
Week results: 2-2

17 – Sacramento Kings (19-24) –2.7 last week rank: 14
Week results: 2-2

18 – Charlotte Bobcats (17-27) –3.7 last week rank: 18
Week results: 1-3

19 – Atlanta Hawks (18-22) –0.8 last week rank: 19
Week results: 0-3

20 – Milwaukee Bucks (18-27) –6.0 last week rank: 22
Week results: 2-3

21 – Minnesota Timberwolves (8-35) –8.4 last week rank: 30
Week results: 3-1

22 – Chicago Bulls (17-26) –3.1 last week rank: 21
Week results: 1-3

23 – Philadelphia 76ers (17-28) –3.0 last week rank: 25
Week results: 1-3

24 – Indiana Pacers (19-26) –1.8 last week rank: 20
Week results: 1-3

25 – New York Knicks (14-29) –5.9 last week rank: 24
Week results: 1-2

26 – New Jersey Nets (18-26) –6.2 last week rank: 23
Week results: 0-4

27 – LA Clippers (13-27) –4.6 last week rank: 26
Week results: 1-3

28 – Memphis Grizzlies (13-31) –4.1 last week rank: 27
Week results: 2-2

29 – Seattle Supersonics (9-35) –8.2 last week rank: 28
Week results: 0-4

30 – Miami Heat (9-33) –6.4 last week rank: 29
Week results: 1-1

NBA Player Nicknames – Part V (Southwest Division)

NBA Player Nicknames

Here is part 5 of the 6-post series of NBA player nicknames.

Click here for an updated list of all NBA Nicknames.

Yao Ming
Hey, its Shaquie Chan!

Dallas Mavericks

Jose Juan Barea – JJ
Brandon Bass – B Bass
Erick Dampier – Damp
Desagana Diop – Gana
Josh Howard – J-Ho, Jo-How
Eddie Jones – EJ
Dirk Nowitzki – Diggler
Jerry Stackhouse – Stack
Jason Terry – JT, the Jet

Houston Rockets

Rafer Alston – Skip to My Lou
Shane Battier – Alien Nation
Aaron Brooks – AB
Steve Francis – Stevie Franchise
Mike James – Pit Bull
Tracy McGrady – T-Mac
Yao Ming – the Dynasty, the Wall, the Great Wall, Shaqie Chan
Dikembe Mutombo – Mt Mutombo
Bonzi Wells – the Bonz

New Orleans Hornets

Hilton Armstrong – Hungry Hungry Hilton
Rasual Butler – Sual Bop
Chris Paul – CP3
Morris Peterson – Mo-Pete, MP3
David West – D-West, the X-Factor, DX
Julian Wright – Ju-Ju, Raptor

Tim Duncan
The Big Fundamental aka Groundhog Day lays the ball in over the Caveman as the Red Rocket, Mr. Longoria and Q-Ross look on.

San Antonio Spurs

Brent Barry – Bones
Matt Bonner – the Red Rocket
Tim Duncan – the Big Fundamental, Timmay, Groundhog Day
Francisco Elson – Geico
Manu Ginobili – Gino, El Contusion
Robert Horry – Big Shot Bob, Big Shot Rob
Fabricio Oberto – Fabio
Tony Parker – TP, Mr. Longoria

Memphis Grizzlies

Brian Cardinal – the Janitor, the Custodian
Mike Conley – Money Mike
Pau Gasol – the Meal Ticket, Picasso, PG, Spanish Fly
Darko Milicic – Donny Darko, the Human Victory Cigar
Juan Carlos Navarro – La Bomba
Stromile Swift – Stro
Hakim Warrick – Hak, Helicopter

**** Part VI coming soon.

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NBA Star/Goat of the Week – Week 5

NBA Star of the Week

Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets
Chris Paul and the Hornets Got a Huge Win Against the Mavs This Past Week

Chris Paul – The third year PG led the Hornets to a 2-1 record this week, including a win over the Dallas Mavericks.  For the week, Paul averaged 28 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds and 3 steals while shooting 52% from the field and a perfect 100% from the line.


NBA Goat of the Week

James Dolan and Isiah Thomas
Dolan is Apparently Asleep at the Wheel as Knicks Owner 

James Dolan – What is this guy thinking by not firing Isiah Thomas?  First of all, he should have never hired Isiah in the first place, but now that the Knicks have completely quit on their coach, Dolan still refuses to make the move to fire him.  Thursday’s 104-59 loss to the Celtics was the new low point for the laughingstock Knicks.