NBA Star/Goat of the Week – Week 20

NBA Stars of the Week – The Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets

The Rockets have been playing pretty well

The Houston Rockets – In case you haven’t heard, the Rockets have won 22 straight now, including the last ten without their supposed best player.


NBA Goats of the Week – The Miami Heat

Miami Heat

The Heat are embarrassing

The Miami Heat – Horrible… just horrible.


5 Responses

  1. The Miami Heat – Horrible… just horrible. – got that right man.

    but what do you think of houston’s chances in the playoffs? do you think they can make it?

  2. In all honesty, (and I’m a huge Rockets fan) I don’t see them going too deep in the playoffs. They need a presence inside. The kind that Yao Ming provides. While Landry, Scola, and Dikembe will do during the regual season, the playoff is a whole new level.

  3. yeah, that’s what i was thinking. i mean it’s great that they won 22 in a row but it’s the regular season. playoffs is different monster, especially in the west. who’s gonna cover duncan? boozer? amare? shaq? the competition in the west is pretty tight and without an inside presence, they just won’t make it.

  4. They won all those games in a row, so I think they definitely have the potential. Of course, they could easily lose first round.

    In the West, who could possibly predict what is going to happen in this year’s playoffs? I could see any team winning the West or any team losing in the first round. Just depends on who gets hot at the right time.

    I think a healthy Lakers team would be the best team, but they could still easily lose and who knows if they will even be 100%.

    I can’t wait for the playoffs. This has been just about the best season I can remember.

  5. @ str8hoops
    got that right, the west is pretty tight, but it will be harder for the rockets because they’ll be playing without yao. sure they have the potential and hunger, but come on, let’s face it. without yao, it’ll be very very difficult for them. the big men of the west will be too much to handle for scola, mutombo, hayes and landry.

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