NBA Awards (*so far)

Here is a look at my top ten candidates for NBA awards as of today (March 16):

Most Valuable Player:


1. Kobe Bryant
2. Lebron James
3. Kevin Garnett
4. Chris Paul
5. Tracy McGrady
6. Dwight Howard
7. Tim Duncan
8. Steve Nash
9. Dirk Nowitzki
10. Chauncey Billups


Rookie of the Year:

Kevin Durant

1. Kevin Durant
2. Luis Scola
3. Al Horford
4. Jamario Moon
5. Carl Landry
6. Al Thornton
7. Thaddeus Young
8. Juan Carlos Navarro
9. Joakim Noah
10. Mike Conley


Most Improved Player:

Andrew Bynum

1. Andrew Bynum
2. Rajon Rondo
3. Rudy Gay
4. Travis Outlaw
5. Jose Calderon
6. Hedo Turkoglu
7. Ronnie Brewer
8. John Salmons
9. Jordan Farmar
10. Kendrick Perkins


Coach of the Year

Rick Adelman

1. Rick Adelman
2. Byron Scott
3. Doc Rivers
4. Maurice Cheeks
5. Phil Jackson
6. Don Nelson
7. Jerry Sloan
8. Flip Saunders
9. Nate McMillan
10. Eddie Jordan


6 Responses

  1. I didn’t know anyone liked Luis Scola besides me. I fell in love with the man after watching him ball last summer.

    I gotta say though, Travis Outlaw is higher than Hedo on the Most Improved list? Hedo’s got almost 20, 6 and 5. Granted Outlaw takes a few less shots a game but I don’t think you can argue that Hedo’s the more complete player right now. Their shooting percentages are similar and their charity stripe trips seem to be similar. Is it an argument that Outlaw is more important to the Blazers than Hedo to the Kings?

  2. Turkoglu is way better than Outlaw… but Hedo has been a good player for years now. Before this season, I never considered Outlaw anything more than a bench guy for a poor team. This year, he showed that he has some real potential. He’s cooled off lately, but when the Blazers were playing lights out, so was Outlaw.

  3. Gotcha and I do agree.

    It’s interesting to me how some straight-out-of-high-school players get treated compared to others. Some are expected to dominate immediately (Kwame Brown, Tyson Chandler, Eddy Curry) while some are almost forgotten about until they improve (Outlaw, Louis Williams, Al Jefferson, Josh Smith).

    And I don’t really believe players’ performance curves alter depending on the age they enter the league. I’ll write a post about it over on my site soon and we can continue there. Good post.

  4. […] players, Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis, Most Improved Player, NBA, Sports My guy over at Str8Hoops gave out his NBA season awards up to this point in the season. It was good and well thought-out but looking at his Most Improved […]

  5. Most improved could definitely be Al Jefferson and he isn’t even on your list?!? His minutes have only increased by 3 per game yet his numbers and role on the team has increased a fair amount. Bynum doesn’t even qualify for simple lack of games played.

    As for the MVP – Chris Paul is my MVP but I am cool with Kobe winning it. Unless you think the voters will completely ignore the 24-year history of the 50-win rule LeBron probably won’t qualify for lack of team wins.

  6. @ dannie
    yeah, bynum could’ve been in the mix if he wasn’t injured. al horford has my vote for the rookie of the year awards, but scola is trying to crawl his way up the ladder. ROY race should get interesting as the season comes to an end. i don’t think kevin garnett should be in the top 3 in the MVP race. he’s in top 10 but not top 3. the race is between kobe, cp3 and lbj. but i think kobe is ahead of the two.

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