NBA Star/Goat of the Week (Week 19) – Tracy McGrady & Mark Cuban

NBA Star of the Week – Tracy McGrady

Tracy McGrady

McGrady and the Rockets can do no wrong

Tracy McGrady – Even the injury to Yao Ming cannot slow the Rockets down.  McGrady has carried the Rockets since Yao’s injury and their win streak is now at 18.  In three wins last week, McGrady averaged 32.3 pts, 7.7 ast, 5.0 reb while shooting 56% from the field.


NBA Goat of the Week – Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban

Cubes is now anti-blogger?

Mark Cuban – According to the Dallas News, Mark Cuban has banned all bloggers from the Mavs locker room. Apparently, bloggers wrote things that Cuban doesn’t approve of so they lost their access.  Of all people to pull this… what a hypocrite!


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  1. the rockets won again but things will probably start slowing down from this point on. without yao ming, the rockets just won’t make it in the playoffs. they may have guaranteed a spot in the west, but that doesn’t mean they’ll go all the way. too bad for t-mac.

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