Ten Things I’m Sick of…

Charles Barkley and Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade finally got in Chuck’s “Fave 5″… Yesssss!!

  1. David Lee – I know he’s white. I know he plays in New York. I know everyone else on the Knicks sucks. But enough already Knick fans, he’s not the next “Great White Hope”. He’s not untradeable. He’s just flat out not that good. So just stop telling me how great David Lee is. He’s a decent role player, nothing more. I’m sorry that he is the only bright spot in New York (actually, I’m not).
  2. Hubie Brown – Hubie jumped the shark years ago when he traded his perm-fro for the Caesar dew. Nowadays, I can barely watch a game that Hubie is broadcasting. Even worse than his talking in different persons and tenses is his 100% agreement with the referees on every call. Maybe I’m just used to Tommy Heinsohn, but don’t insult my intelligence by defending clearly awful calls with bullshit explanations and then telling me it was an “easy call”. Why is Hubie Brown still around… where is Bill Walton these days? At least give me Tom Tolbert.
  3. Dwyane Wade getting in Charles Barkley’s “Fave 5” – Enough already! Its not even a bad advertising campaign, but stop beating me over the head with this. I can’t even get T-Mobile service in my area and I live right outside Boston. D-Wade should just concentrate on helping the Heat reach the 15 win mark.
  4. Lebron talking about being a Global Icon – Dude, just play basketball. Why don’t you win a championship first, then worry about being the first billionaire athlete. I don’t need to see you hosting the ESPYs (actually I didn’t) or talking to Jay-Z during games. Just play basketball, appear in basketball commercials and maybe host SNL if you really feel the need to force your non-basketball life on the public.
  5. Carmelo Anthony not playing defense – ‘Melo just makes no effort at all on defense and if there is a worse defensive player in the league than Carmelo, I haven’t seen him. The Nuggets could be so good… but not until Anthony either starts giving much more effort or learns how to defend.
  6. Jose Calderon – Sure, he has low turnovers and he did an unexpectedly great job filling in for TJ Ford, but Calderon is not an MVP candidate. I actually saw seemingly legitimate sources put Calderon on the All-Star team over Paul Pierce! His adjusted +/- is +0.3. Calderon is not a difference maker.
  7. PER (Player Efficiency Rating) – With all apologies to John Hollinger, this is just a garbage statistic that means very little. Current players in the top 50 include: Carl Landry, Leon Powe and Amir Johnson. Adjusted plus/minus is a much better indicator of player performance. For those truly interested in basketball stats, steer clear of PER and check out the stats on these sites: 82Games and BasketballValue.
  8. Joakim Noah – I just hate you, Joakim. Please go away.
  9. Manu Ginobili flopping – Ginobili is having a outstanding year, playing at a near-MVP level. But the non-stop flopping and flailing makes it very difficult to like this guy. He must have grown up watching the diving Argentina national futbol team (aka the Argencheaters), but this is the US and fans here don’t appreciate it.
  10. Terrible teams on nationally televised games – The NBA has an inflexible schedule they make before the season that they won’t change no matter what. For this reason, we have been subjected to the Miami Heat over and over again this season. Plus, we have six more national Heat games to go… they’re on pace to be the first NBA team ever to have a greater number of games on national TV than total wins for the season. On the plus side, the country gets to watch the 24-36 Bulls play three times over the next four nights. Sweet!


13 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Great stuff.

  2. i agree with most of the things, except for joakim noah. haha! i’ve always thought that he has potential, but we’ll see. now that he is on the starting line-up, we’ll see if he’s got something show. but all in all, great post man.

  3. The only thing that I’m sick off is the way you guys have nothing good to say about Manu. He is the best!!!!

    You’ve got something to share….


  4. Dead on analysis. However, I think Hubie is endearing where Doug Collins is unbearable. Collins has a tendency to drive home the obvious point or fall back on his “He’s-the-best-guy-at-this-skill” routine. Brown at least offers some reasoning about defenses and some in-game stutters. I live for Bill Walton though. Pitting him against Stephen A. Smith during the ESPN show diminishes his once potent luster.

  5. This list is ridiculous. Items 6-10 are way off, if you ask me (and I know you didn’t, but whatever).

    #10 is completely incorrect, by the way. My Bulls have been dropped from multiple ESPN/ABC games this year because they suck so bad. I think only TNT is inflexible.

  6. JS – I think you might be right that the league can change national games on ESPN and ABC. If thats the case, they are doing a terrible job. Or more likely, they are barely making any changes at all.

    As far as #s 6-9:

    – Calderon was the typical “so underrated” that he became vastly overrated and overhyped.
    – PER is pretty useless.
    – Noah is a total ass.
    – and Ginobili definitely flops.

  7. Great post. As a Knick fan, I strongly agree with #1 David Lee. You should the way the fans treat this guy, who is at best a really good role player, or so-so starter. You would think it’s Jordan in his prime…

    And, again as a Knick fan, you don’t know bad defense until you’ve seen a) Jamal Crawford and b) Steve Nash. Melo can at least pick a pass off, and maybe get a block, ever so often. Those two players I mention have the worst footwork on defense in the league.

    And just to back you up a bit: PER is garbage. And John (my friend from Mundo Albiceleste) – Manu is great, but come on… his flopping needs to stop. You know at some point in this year’s playoffs it is going to come up again, and it’s just not good for the game. And this is coming from Manu’s number one fan (and a fellow Argentine)…

  8. So f-in sick of the D Wade commercials and hearing about PER. Seems like everything on ESPNs NBA page relates to PER. Its annoying, what happened to real stats.

    Great blog by the way, a huge fan, was hoping we could do a link exchange.

  9. Sure Brian. Looks like you got a nice site. I’ll add you to my blogroll.

  10. what an stupid.. do you know a thing of soccer? no you don´t so don´t talk about argentina football team, ignorant

  11. Hey, Exelente post !!! segui asi que esta muy bueno !!! Y arriba el futbol !

  12. […] Str8 Hoops speaking my mind. Amazing! […]

  13. Nice blog. I am a big NBA Fan.

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