2008 NBA MVP

2008 NBA MVP

2008 NBA MVP

Who is the 2008 NBA MVP: Lebron or Kobe?

Updating this post, here are my top ten choices for the 2007-2008 NBA MVP (as of Feb 26):

1 – Lebron James
2 – Kobe Bryant
3 – Chris Paul
4 – Kevin Garnett
5 – Chauncey Billups
6 – Steve Nash
7 – Manu Ginobili
8 – Dirk Nowitzki
9 – Dwight Howard
10 – Antawn Jamison


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  1. Wow!!! You had LJ at #9 on your top 10 list initially. Glad to see he’s moved up a quite a few notches to get your vote as #1 now.

    As long as he’s healthy and playing, he should at least be in the top 5 of anyone’s list (year in and out)…but of course, that’s just my opinion.

  2. I agree with every one of these players and I like the order too, with the excepion of Jamison. I have him on my fantasy team, and while supposedly he shoots %43, I sware he shoots 3 for 13 every other night. Oh, and where is Duncan? As boring as he is, he is the man that all must go through to be champ. Also, I think my boy Josh Smith aka J-Smoooov should be in there, simply for his fantasy relevance… that guy is NASTY!!

  3. i don’t think manu and antawn jamison should be there. if caron butler is not injured, i would put him in antawn’s place.

  4. Jamison leads the league in adjusted +/-.

    When he is on the court, the Wizards outscore their opponents by an average of +3.6 points (per 48 minutes) but when he is off the court, the Wizards are outscored by 16.8 points for a difference of 20.4 points.

    This shows how valuable he is. As far as Duncan goes, he is a great player, but I think Manu has been their MVP so far. Once the playoffs start, Duncan will probably step it up as he usually does.

  5. Kobe should be MVP. He is the best. He is my idol. I try to emulate him.


  6. GO KOBE! LAKERS 2007-08 CHAMPS!

    I hope I meet him in the Finals, but Boston, I think will beat us. We should be so lucky to even enter the Leastern Finals. :(

    Go Mentor, Go Master, Go KOBE!!!

  7. eather lebron james, kobe bryant, steve nash, or dwight howard. but i want KOBE to win

  8. RealityMarkets.com currently has the top picks as:
    Dwight Howard
    LeBron James
    Kobe Bryant
    Chris Paul
    Kevin Garnett

    Seems to be a few Howard fan boys there at the moment.


  9. Howard has no chance. I think its either Kobe or Lebron with an outside chance for both Paul and Garnett.

  10. Dwight Howard has to be in the top 5. And I would add Duncan and Amare in the top 10.

  11. I have suffered through enough of this Steve Nash BS!!!!! How many titles has this guy won? Oh yeah, NONE!!! How about Garnette, Paul, or Lebron……..once again NONE! Kobe has 3 under his belt and still no MVP?? Now that Kobe has someone other that Smush Parker @ point and Kwame (failure) Brown @ center we will all see what the result will be. Who in the league has sent more last second daggers? who is the most feared by opponents? Ya’ll know the answer, and that answer is the obvious MVP!

  12. This could be the year for Kobe. I think Kobe hasn’t won an MVP yet because he was overshadowed by Shaq when they were winning championships… then he had a bad season (for him) during the rape trial year… then the past 2 seasons, the Lakers just haven’t been a good enough team. But this year, the Lakers look to be plenty good enough.

    Its either him or Lebron unless something crazy happens…

  13. How can somebody say Manu Ginobilli is the 6th man of the year? It is really crazy such kind of statement. He plays more minutes than most of Spurs players, and in difficult games he almost does not leave the court. If he is not in the start line… well, it is just a tactical stuff. He is adding more points than anybody this year, he is one of the most effective players, he is having almost 5 assists per game and 5 rebounds… gold medalist, leader of national Argentinean team… Can someone say Manu Ginobilli is a player from the bench? Ask the player who is trying to stop him each night! Furthermore, basketball is not only run and shoot, is more than that, and Manu (or players like Nash, Duncan and only few more) can do that.
    It is great to see in your lists manu’s name, Thanks!

  14. steve nash winning the mvp two times was about as credible as a tim donaghy officiated game. and ginobili in your top ten? this is why players like kobe and Lebron get shafted. Lebron is almost averaging a triple double with 30 points per game, so hands down he is the mvp. I think he was the man to beat after what he did to the pistons in last year’s conference finals, what I believe to be game five.

  15. LeBron all the way. Kobe can shoot good and put up points, but LeBron is all-around. the man almost got 3 triple double concsecutively. Something Kobe can’t and wont do. Kobe can get a triple double, but not consecutively. I can definitely see LeBron winning MVP this year. And Lakers wont get past the 2nd round this year. Mark my word.

  16. Rockets2008 – What are you talking about? All of the years that Kobe was in contention for MVP, we were told that because his team didn’t win 50 games, he wasn’t deserving. Do you think that Cleveland is going to win 50 games? LeBron is a fantastic offensive player, but he doesn’t play the defense that Kobe plays. When LeBron makes 1st team all defense, than we’re talking. As far as triple doubles, have you ever seen Kwame’s board hands – Kobe would have many more assists if that man could catch the ball.

  17. The cavaliers won 50 games last year. Where have you been? Saying that they are incapable of going 16-6 for the rest of the year is crazy. Kobe Bryant has never been a part of a 50 win team as the # 1, or without Shaquille O’Neal until maybe this year, and the fact of the matter is LeBron James is killing him in every statistic. PPG LBJ-KB 30.3 to 28.2, RPG 8.1 to 6.0, and APG 7.5 to 5.4. PEOPLE!!!, The man is averaging nearly a triple double with 30 points per game. What is the discussion? What everyone should be arguing is that Steve Nash(2) and Dirk Nowitzki(1) had no business winning 1,or 2 of Kobe’s trophies. Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash couldn’t spell All-Defensive first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or even eighth team, and they won the awards handily, and by the way neither of those guys squad made the finals, Dirks didn’t even make it out of the first round, and PLEASE kill that leastern conference noise. The East and West have split the last four championships. You all seen what Detroit did to Phoenix two Sundays ago.

  18. he also averages more blocks and steals

  19. LeBron James that is

  20. i know i average more points, rebs, blocks and assists than Kobe but really you have to analyze the way I do it compared against Kobe.

    Kobe’s assists are dead-on set-ups. His passes lead to easy and efficient baskets for Pau, Turiaf, Fisher, etc. Meanwhile, my assists are much more creditable to the player making the basket because my passes are more of a way to increase my stats.

    Kobe’s are more of the type that facilitates play.

    Also, I play in the East. Yet my record is not even competitive against the West. Boston and Detroit, now they are two teams that can’t be ‘outright’ categorized in the leastern conference because their records are better than the Western Elite. Still, most of their victories come from Leastern teams.

  21. In the two games that Cleveland has swept the Los Angeles Lakers this year 98-95, and 94-90 , LeBron James Outscored Kobe Bryant, outrebounded, and out-assisted Mr. Bryant, not to mention how he outhustled him with steals and blocks. Their records were similar in their last meeting, before they acquired Pau Gasol. (Cleveland 23-19, L.A. 27-14) Another stat that is worth a million words, The Cavaliers are 0-6 without LeBron James, in 6 games that they most likely would have won with him. I’m not saying that you have to accept my position, but the numbers don’t lie. To say who’s better now after Kobe got a gift from Memphis, is retarded. The Lakers have surged to the top because they got better in the front-court. Yes, Pau Gasol is better than Bynum, Brown, and Chris Mihm combined. 16-12 vs. the West Elite, and 18-14 vs. the so-called”Leastern Conference” is a strong indicator that your Leastern Conference theory is merely a fallacy being that the Cavs winning percentage is actually a little higher vs. the West. Please, no more excuses for Kobe, he’s too good of a player for that.

  22. Kobe is the best!

  23. pistons,

    I can’t recall exactly but I did not not out-assist Kobe in our last meeting.

    Again, you have to see the reasons or the logic behind our stats, take for example our recent victory against NY (LOWLY). We had them beat, but I still devoured every point, assist and rebound that I can take to jack up my stats.

    When Kobe netted 52 against MAVS (ELITE), he did his 30 points in the final 6 minutes because it was needed.

    Kobe does not care about stats but in team victories. Notice that when he plays, whenever the Lakers have built a comfortable lead, he leaves the game to give chance to other players to shine. I don’t do that, I want every rebound, steal, block, point, assist credited to me.

  24. kobe bryant ….why? because hes that good …lebron has not accomplished what kobe has …that team ( lakers) are so good this yr because HE has made them better ..kobe for mvp

  25. I don’t see how you could argue one significantly over the other at this point. Its pretty much down to whoever plays better for the rest of the season.

    In terms of who the MVP voters will give it to… I think I’d give Kobe the edge since his team has the better record and voters tend to look heavily at that.

  26. his teams record was similar until the Pau Gasol trade. He outplayed Kobe both games in which the Cavs won. the lakers have played better and have become a better TEAM with the addition of a 20 and almost 10 center.

  27. the mavs can’t be considered an elite team until they make it out of the first round of the playoffs. they got beat as a 1. damn their records. I’m not gonna put Kobe down, but there aint too many 50 point and 10 assists nights, ….by the way with 8 assists. almost a triple double with 50 points. I won’t even respond to the young lady who can’t get the grammar right.

  28. I meant 8 rebounds

  29. Im still waiting for a good reason why Kobe should get it other then LeBron. The only thing I have heard , where that he should have got it previously,. he has rings. Since the Lakers got Gasol, is when the Lakers started making a run, before that they where 4th or 5th in the west, figure that one out. The cavs are 0-6 without LeBron, and 35-18 with him, thats a win percentage of about .650, thats a quick estimation though.So it could be argued that the cavs would at least be 40-20, if james would have played. The cavs played better against west teams then eastern teams. Lebron shut Kobe down, not once but twice during there meetings this year. LeBron won the allstar mvp twice in 3 years. Last night he was 1 of 3 players in the last 20 years to have 50 points and 10 assist, MJ being one of the other guys. Not to mention the only player since 1975 to have 50-10-8, Kareem did it last in 75. He is avereging better stats across the board then kobe, by two, I beleive for the most part. Lebron was named eastern player of the month, for two consectutive months. About two weeks ago he had two consectutive triple doubles, the last person to do so was Magic johnson, and for that week he averaged a triple double, the last person doing so was Wilt Chamberlin back in the 60’s. Lebron is doing things that hav’nt been seen since before most of us where born. The cavs beat the celtics twice, the best team in the league, and lost twice with Lebron playing one of those games. Now you tell me what Kobe has done.

  30. Oh yeah plus this seasin he became the youngest player to reach 10,000, but I forgot who he beat to get that, hum…..

  31. Plus LeBron leads the league in 4th quater points, but the only thing I see going for Kobe is the fact that he has a better FT% and team record, thats it, thats all I see going for him. Regardless, I am just thankful to have been born when I was, because I got to see MJ, Kobe and Lebron james play live.

  32. If the Lakers have more wins than the Cavs at the end of the year, the MVP award will go to Kobe. People are voting Kobe over Lebron 3-1 on http://www.nbamvprace.com. No other player is even close. KG has only 4 percent of the vote.

  33. Thanks for the great blogs. I found some useful sources of info. to support my MVP pick.
    The LBJ case for MVP appears strong! You can say that his stats are superior or you could argue that his worth to his team is greater in comparison to other canidates (all but ‘MAYBE’ CP3). The worth of each player, provided via that site 82games.com ( …I’m probably getting the name wrong) supports LBJ case again.
    The guy who is using LBJ name to post seems to think like many fans of the West that teams in the west have a tougher schedule because they are in the West. Do they only play western teams. To say Kobe could do better in the east is stupid. He would NEVER take Cleveland to the finals if he had to beat Detroit as a cav. The fact that the Lakers needed to steal Pau to salvage their playoff hopes defines what Kobe does for his team. You remove Kobe, Derek Fisher steps up. LAL with out Kobe looks a lot like Utah… Thats not a below .500 team. Prove me wrong if you believe otherwise.

  34. …other quik points.
    The West has more +.500 teams but they also carry the most -.500. The East has only two of the worst 08 NBA records.

    MVP honors given based on team record. Says little about what you did to make that team different. Is Yao less responsible for getting Houston to #3 in the west then Kobe, becuase he is out of action? If they lose people will say its because Yao is missing.

    If Kobe sits one game vs say PHO/DEN/UTAH, I say he gets exposed as not being the X factor he is said to be.

    lastly… Your down one point, with .05 on the clock in the 4th. Who do you want to have the ball? KOBE of course. But wait, who do you want defending this great closer? LEBRON. His stats don’t just say he gets more done on both ends of the court his games vs Kobe says it too. Can you say Kobe will stop LBJ? Don’t try it.
    (Perhaps the real reason Mr. 52-pts-ouch-my-pinkie-is-hindering-me, sat on the bench in the hyped LBJ vs KOBE all star game.)

  35. Just wondering but wasn’t their a Kobe Byrant who was complaining at the begining of the year to be traded? You know that shows great leadership

  36. EQ,

    Another hypothetical situation for you. If Kobe was in my team last year instead of me when our team met the Spurs in the finals, do you honestly think we would have been swept as well?


    Just wondering also but didn’t I become a bigger jerk when I sat out a game against Denver because we couldn’t beat them? I wasn’t responding and talking with my coach and teammates, remember that? That was my bad, and that is worse than you know, demanding to be traded but still giving your heart day in and day out for the team’s victory, inspite of an injured pinky might I remind you. You know that shows great leadership, eh?

  37. No single player in the NBA has proven they could go the distance with a Cav type team. Kobe may have grown leaps and bounds as a great player, but for some reason he can’t carry a bad team. The Lakers could have a ring this year but it wouldn’t be because Kobe is MVP of the league. No Gasol, no ring. And I know Kobe refused to go into play when Smush Parker played poorly. I never heard of LBJ sitting out because of doubts of winning against DEN. And in three of those finals games last year, CLE point production was dead even to SAS while LBJ was on the court. Coach Brown decided to play conservatively and LBJ some times 9 minutes at a time because he didnt trust LBJ to play with fouls. Kobe will have a mental breakdown if he thinks its pointless, so to answer your question yes, I do think CLE would still get swept if Kobe took Lebrons place.

  38. Edit*
    Coach Brown sat* LBJ sometimes 9 minutes at a time…

    Also because I am bashing Kobe for the bad I do see how good he is. I have also seen how he has evolved into a leader this year. He would get my nod on “Most Improved Player”

  39. If you know anything about basketball (and not just Kobe and Lebron) stats dont matter, wins do. The Lakers are number ONE in the hardest, most depth conference we’ve ever seen. The only reason why the Lakers did better upon the Pau Gasol trade, aside from the fact that he is a good player, was because he helped boost their confidence AND the Lakers only became even hungrier after Bynum became injured. So you cant use Pau Gasol as a reason why Kobe less deserves the MVP honors in comparison to Lebron. Both Kobe and Lebron deserve the MVP award and Id be happy with either one of them holding it.

    And I havent watched a lot of either one of their teams games, but from reading everybodys comments and going to multiple sites on this MVP talk, it seems like most of the people voting for Kobe, are Kobe fans, and most of the people voting for Lebron, are Lebron fans and/or Kobe haters.

    As it stands right now, the Lakers are a better bet to win the championship than the Cavs (because of Kobe, correct?). And if Lebron wins MVP, and the Lakers win the championship, im willing to bet everybody (who isnt a Lebron-head) would say Kobe deserved it more.

    And for everybody referring back to stats, if Lebron is SO much better than Kobe, why isnt his team thriving as much, IN AN EASIER CONFERENCE?

    All im going to say is, these are two incredible players.

    (i have one question though,

    how come people accused kobe of being a selfish player, upon shaqs departure, and then when he did become a better team player, people accused him of not shooting as much and not being a better leader, and THEN when he balances out, he’s all of a sudden not as good as Lebron?

    just a thought)

  40. Ok I agree with you that Kobe is a better player now that he has stepped up as a leader and gets everyone involved. But I said that already. As for if the Lakers winning the championship causing me to cocede he was the reason… No I wouldn’t. Every point you made about Gasol improving moral doesn’t make Kobe’s MVP case stronger. In fact it says just the opposite. As for limiting the conversation to Kobe and Lebron… I am a huge fan of Grant Hill, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Lebron. I only see one of my faves being MVP. I agree also about stats not being the only thing to judge the ‘leading’ canidates for MVP. The what problem is that Lebrons numbers can’t be ignored. Help me understand how CLE who has a stronger record against the west, then the west has vs CLE should be frowned upon because Lebron was out 5 games (which by the way LAL trailed CLE by 1 game before LBJ was hurt) and LAL aquired a 20-10 Center for a bench playing “Kwame Brown”?

  41. Q. How many LAL vs BOS games have you seen?
    LAL vs CLE = ?
    LAL vs DET =?

    The 3 best records in the NBA belong to LAL, BOS, DET.

    Using the teams record to support an MVP will cause you to over look CLE, who has a +.500 vs the 3 best records, is out playing each of these teams including the Spurs becuase the best player on the court is playing for CLE. If you take the star from each of those teams, I would argue LAL or SAS has the best ball club and CLE would be dead last.
    If CLE ONLY played Eastern teams then you could use CLE eastern conference record against them. That’s all I’m saying.
    This why Records/stats can misslead.

  42. not thriving in an easier conference? His team has won 50 games for the past two seasons and they will get to 50 wins for a third straight year. Dallas won 67 games last year (with the so-called MVP) on their team and couldn’t get out the first round. The best player and the best team in the west had way less wins last year. Tim >Dirk Shaq got swept in his first finals trip, and he went on to win 4 of them. LeBron James is the MVP. Pau Gasol made the lakers better. It wasn’t like the lakers would have been a 55 win team without him, Kobe was asking for a trade. The Lakers would not have even made the playoffs without him, and if that was the case, everybody would be arguing for Chris Paul because he plays in the west. Enough of this western elite fallacy.

  43. Edit*

    This is* why records/stats can mislead*.

  44. how can somebody say manu ginobili is the best 6th man in the league? Well, many of you are including him in the top 10… Usually he is not a starting player, but this is independent of his role in SAS, the minutes he is playing, his leadership in crucial moments. If he is named by the NBA as best 6th man, that means the do not nothing about basketball.

  45. HOU and NOR drive home a point… No Gasol, no ring. If the mvp goes to kobe and LAL continues to drop games without Gasol. It should be said, Kobe has not shown he can carry a team unless he is surrounded with elite players. I believe GSW will be the 5th loss for LAL. Let’s see.

  46. The lakers won’t win a game without Pau, The Cavs won’t win one without LeBron. Pau is not in the MVP race. LeBron is. The Cavs will win 50 games for the 3rd straight year. and please stop with the east is least argument. The Hornets got spanked on Sunday by the Pistons, and the Spurs got handled by the 76ers, and Pistons.

  47. The Cavs have a better record against west teams then they do against east teams. The Lakers have a better record against the west team then the east. LeBron plays the same consistiant game aginst both the east and west, as Kobe plays better against west then east teams, plus he plays more min against east teams. So that arguement is weak. The celtics just wooped up on the rockets and broke thier streak. The two best teams in the league are in the East. The cavs beat the Lakers twice, the celtics twice, the spurs, the Mavs. the cavs have been struggleing with the trade, and trying to get the team cemistry going, while the team was hit with the injury bug. When pau gasol got hurt the lakers went 1-3, come on now!!!

  48. LBJ23 Is the best player in the league and he does the most for his team if u take him off of the cavs they will win probably 2 out of 10 games if u take kobe off of the lakers they will still win more than half of there games!!!!!!! Go Lebron mvp and go cavs championship!!!!!!

  49. Its plain and simple that LeBron deserves the award because he has way less help on that team compared to Kobe. But chances are that Kobe is going to win because hes in the west and his team has more wins. Chris Paul has to be considered as well because look how far the hornets have come this year with his double double performances night in and night out. But I still give it to Lebron

  50. pistons,

    “His team has won 50 games for the past two seasons and they will get to 50 wins for a third straight year”


    “The lakers won’t win a game without Pau”

    Really? 5wins vs 4losses?

  51. Truth……
    1.Chris Paul
    2.Kobe Bryant
    3.Lebron James
    4. Kevin Garnett

    I believe that Chris Paul should get it because his team was crap last year and now they lead there division.(Amazing!) Also he does what many selfish allstars can’t do and thats make his team mates better.

    But however Kobe has played so well and never got the award plus he’s getting old he’ll be 30. So he’s running out of time. The league would probably give it to Kobe no matter who wins 1st in the west.

  52. first.

    to the guy using lbj name to post…
    kobe is not 5-4 without gasol. If it matters to you the lost to NOR, HOU, GSW, CHA, MEM. ESPN is full of Kobe fans so they brush off the lost to NOR when they mention how kobe has done without gasol. But w/e… Anyways I think their record has changed since they spread that 5-4 stuff.
    I will say CP3 has gone from taking an avr team far in the reg season to taking them to the top without any new additions to the team and he is carrying stats to lead the league in steals and assist. That kid was my second choice but now he is doing all that while being the best team in the west. He wont get the mvp but we all no he earned it. I think people believe kobe earned it last year despite only leading the league points and trailing lbj in almost every catagory… Wake kobe fans please!

  53. I need some clerification on this…

    1. Oscar Robertson
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. LeBron James

    …are the only 3 players in NBA history to avg. in the playoffs
    +30 ppg, +7 ast, +7 reb

    How does espn writers say LeBron got “SHUT DOWN” in Clevelands game 3 vs Washington when he shot over 50% from the field and dropped 28 pts (One lay-up shy of 30) 8 rebs, and 7 ast. THEN TURN AROUND and say Kobe was unstoppable scoring 22 pts (shooting below 50%) 10 rebs and 2(!!!) ast???
    Thats sports writers protecting the MVP pick to the point of insanity!

    Here’s what I hope goes down… I HOPE THE LAKERS MAKE IT TO THE FINALS AND CLEVELAND DOES TOO AND 2 MINUTES IN GASOL BREAKS HIS LEG. (of course I don’t mean that) I could see Kobe and Phil saying oh s**t! At the same time Damon Jones pops up and ask, “Kobe was the matter?”

    Never happening… but Tanya Harding (however her name was spelt) could be courtside via an office pool worth of money.

  54. eQ,

    dude, why do you hate kobe so much? kobe apologists can also come up with similar arguments in favor of lebron.

    But we share the same wish, I do hope Cavs and Lakers duke it out at the finals.

  55. This Is my guess
    Kobe #1
    Paul #2
    Garnett #3
    James #4
    Howard(for some unknown reason that he even made it to 10) #5

    We’ll see

  56. I gotta admit LBJ and KB24 really got it going. I still say Kobe should get the MVP. Why? Does anyone hate Lebron? Nobody hates Lebron. Yet why does everybody hate Kobe? Awkward? A couple years ago Kobe put up about 35 points a night and if you guys cannot remember he did put up a staggering what 81 points? Has Lebron every done that? Ok maybe he doesn’t need to. But think of it as this. Kobe had to go against the Phoenix suns two times in a row and were beaten both times. But what do you remember? Steve Nash was what, an MVP? Even though Lebron is putting up better numbers, does he have a championship? Has Lebron had to put up with “Kobe haters?” Did Lebron have to go through that sexual assault trial only to find that the woman didn’t want to continue? (probably cuz she didn’t have enough evidence to indict him) Was Kobe ever considered “selfish?” He was always considered selfish and when he stopped shooting what did you call him? Not shooting enough? What the hell was that about? Make up your mind people! Kobe deserves the MVP because throughout everything that has gone on with him he still shines just like he has for the past couple of years. Oh and remember this. Who does Lebron have to help him? He has Ben Wallace? BIG BEN????? THE BIG BEN?? The same guy that was the defensive specialist on the Pistons and a shot blocker? One more thing. Dallas got Kidd. Phoenix got Shaq. Atlanta got Bibby. Lakers got Pau. who is doing best? Atlanta is doing fairly well but definitely the Lakers are doing best. Just give it to the man. Dont give it to him cuz you feel sorry for him. Give it to him for being such a good leader. Lebron yes props to you my man but dont worry you’ll get your chance. you too cp3

  57. one more thing dallas and phoenix both got knocked off today
    just saying
    while lakers bought some uhhh brooms to uhh SWEEP!

  58. and judging from that picture from up top lebron got fat

  59. I don’t hate Kobe. I hate the things he does wrong and gets away with. I would probably feel the same way about LbJ if his fans turned a blind eye to the effects on his teammates every time he went for 50 pts. I started to like Kobe this year when he played a little team ball. When he found his offense through the regular flow of the game, and when he cut on the juice when his team needed it. BUT NOW??? He slips back and forth old kobe comes out when ever LBJ or CP3 have a all around good game. Kobe kicks his teammates in the ass, and goes for as many points as possible to make sure his face is in the news over his teamates and any other nba player. With Phil there to bench him and warn him when he is starting to lose his teams trust, and kobe fans spinning every laker win to credit kobe and ignore his poor production, turnovers, and selfish desire to pass only if it makes phil happy… I can’t see how I could like him. HELL! GILBERT ARENAS PUTS UP 50 POINTS AND IS SELFISH AS HELL TOO. Maybe I’m unfair… HA!


  61. You see? Kas is representing 90% of kobe fans! NOT EVEN 1 LICK OF REASONING IN HIS ARGUEMENT. I LBJ had fans saying “LBJ > KOBE” all the time I might have to jump ship and hop on CP3’s wagon. But for the most part people who support LBJ seem to know basketball well. …can you say that about the avg Kobe fan?

  62. Btw My fav players in the NBA are all great guys and team players. (Grant Hill, Ray Allen, LeBron James, Keven Garnett, )

    Kobe Bryant, Paul Peirce, Carmelo Anthony, Ricky Davis and Tracy McGrady are my most disliked nba players and for good reasons.

    This years mvp will be kobe and it’s for all the wrong reasons… His fans think he earned it long ago as he tried to prove he didn’t need shaq… Bust.
    This year all starters stats are down except fisher who is playing better then he did in utah but worst then he did before he left LAL for UTAH.
    But he is said to have made them better…

    Doesn’t matter. Kobe fans don’t even believe Kobe will ever get an MVP if he don’t when it now. While CP3, D12, LBJ are in the league I know this year is the end of the kobe hype machine…time for less hype and more meat and potato’s.

  63. Lakers swept their series, looks like Cavs have not closed there’s. I watch all Laker games, and can see how unselfish Kobe is. He is the leader of a team who all like each other, and is deep. All the players score, everyone is involved, because the Lakers are a complete team with a great leader. Let’s see who comes out on top, then we will see who the real MVP is…Kobe!!!!

    Go Lakers!!!!!!

  64. You can always look back at the countless beatings the lakers took to cleveland since LBJ came into the league… In the past 3 years you of all people would remember Lakers have only won two games vs the cavs!!! The first one Kobe left the game with 2 pts in the first qtr and the Lakers(who are so bad w/o kobe…) snapped their embarrassing losing streak. The very next game Kobe decided he could play again. So he finally felt what it would be like to say he won “ONE” game against LeBron! Hows that for a story?! In 3 years the so called greatest EVER TO LACE EM UP could only muster up 1 win vs OVER RATED LEBRON??? So you see why Kobe decide to sit the allstar game out…

    I stand on my point I would love for Gasol to go down in gm 1 of a finals match up vs CLE. Kobe/Odem vs Lebron/Big Z like old times. :)

    btw CLE was the underdogs vs WAS, LAL were favorites to win vs DEN. In the Oh-So-Tight-West-Any-Team-Could-Be-Number-1…

    NOR 4-1
    LAL 4-0
    SAN 4-1

    Evenly matched… Not really.

  65. james,cool man

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