NBA Star/Goat of the Week – Week 16

NBA Star of the Week – Manu Ginobili

Manu Ginobili

Manu wasn’t an All-Star, but played like one last week

Manu Ginobili – While other players might have been looking forward to the All-Star game, All-Star snub Manu Ginobili played like a man possessed. In two Spurs wins, Manu averaged 40 pts, 10 reb, 7 ast, 7 3-pts, and 2.5 stl while shooting 67% from the field and 91% from the line.


NBA Goat of the Week – Dunk Contest Announcers

TNT Announcers

Settle down, guys

Dunk Contest Announcers – Usually, I love Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley. In fact, I think these two, along with Ernie Johnson make up the best studio team in sports… by far. But they absolutely killed the dunk contest for me. I expect nonsense from Tragic and Kevin Harlan, but not Kenny and Charles. I know I am in the minority here, but their man-love of everything Dwight Howard made the dunk contest almost unwatchable. Especially Kenny Smith. Calm down, man. I’ll give Howard credit for creativity and some decent dunks, but to compare any of his dunks with the best dunks of all time was ludicrous. Have these guys seen Vince Carter or Jordan or ‘Nique or Jason Richardson or Spud Webb’s 360?!

Lets start with the off the backboard dunk. They act like nobody ever did this before. Well, thats partially true. In the 2006 dunk contest, 6’6″ Andre Iguodala caught an off the backboard dunk and dunked with two hands! This was much more impressive than Howard’s one-hander. And the Superman dunk wasn’t even a dunk. It was a lot of showmanship, but not even close to the same ballpark as any of Vince’s dunks. Gerald Green’s through the legs off the alley-oop was more impressive to me. I will give Howard that he deserved to win, but the ball washing he got during this contest was appalling.

And as far as the notion that Howard is the first big guy ever to be able to jump like he can I suggest Kenny and the gang go back and watch old tapes of Marcus Camby at UMass or early in his NBA career. He would easily out-jump Howard.

Now, here is a dunk to go crazy about.


4 Responses

  1. Manu wasn’t voted to the ASG this year due to the injuries he’s sufferred so far this season. But, IMO, if you ask the top GM’s in the NBA, he is definitely an All-Star caliber player.

    Manu plays the game for the right reasons … not the ‘Bling, Bling’. :-)

  2. got that right man. the superman dunk was fun to watch because of the creativity, but it wasn’t a real dunk.

  3. ole….ole….ole….Manuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    In San Antonio they sing this Argentinan socce chant and replaced the words with his name. Simply beautiful.

    One of my best memories was the 2003 or 4 season when he dropped over 50 on Phoenix and crossed up 2 players at the top of the key and nasty dunked on 4 Suns players for a Spurs victory.

  4. How can somebody say Manu Ginobilli is the 6th man of the year? It is really crazy such kind of statement. He plays more minutes than most of Spurs players, and in difficult games he almost does not leave the court. If he is not in the start line… well, it is just a tactical stuff. He is adding more points than anybody this year (in SAS), he is one of the most effective players, having also almost 5 assists per game and 5 rebounds… gold medalist, leader of national Argentinean team… Can someone say Manu Ginobilli is a player from the bench? Ask the one trying to stop him each night! Furthermore, basketball is not only run and shoot, is more than that, and Manu (or players like Nash, Duncan and only few more) can do that.

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