NBA Players Most Valuable to Their Team

Which players in the NBA are the difference makers for their teams?

This is a tough question to answer, but luckily for us the fantastic site 82Games does most of this work for us!

82Games calculates adjusted plus/minus (called Roland Rating) which they explain:

While some are content to use conventional stats like points, rebounds, and field goal percentage in assessing player contributions, a better gauge of a player’s worth to a specific team might come from looking at the difference in how the team plays with the player on court versus performance with the player off court. This rating isn’t an absolute measure of a player’s ability, but it does represent how successful a player is with a given team. In general the player with the best Roland Rating on a team is the difference maker (exclude the guys who play a statistically insignificant number of minutes). When the top guy is on the floor the team performs at a much higher level.

So basically, this number represents how much of a difference each player makes for their respective team when they are on the court. The higher the number, the more positive a difference that player makes. As of 1/22, 38 players in the NBA have a Roland Rating of +5.0 or better. (Note: includes only players who have played at least 50% of team’s minutes)

1. Lebron James – 18.3
2. Kevin Garnett – 16.2
3. Chauncey Billups – 14.1
4. Chris Paul – 13.9
5. Kobe Bryant – 13.6
6. Dirk Nowitzki – 13.3
7. Manu Ginobili – 12.8
8. Steve Nash – 12.7
9 Antawn Jamison – 12.3
10. Dwight Howard – 12.2
11. Chris Bosh – 11.5
12. Paul Pierce – 10.8
12. Baron Davis – 10.8
14. Andrew Bynum – 10.7
15. Allen Iverson – 10.1
16. Caron Butler – 9.9
17. David West – 8.8
18. Shawn Marion – 8.1
18. Josh Howard 8.1
20. Tim Duncan – 7.7
21. Dwyane Wade – 7.6
22. Pau Gasol – 7.2
23. Marcus Camby – 7.0
23. Corey Maggette – 7.0
25. Yao Ming – 6.8
26. Tony Parker – 6.7
27. Amare Stoudamire – 5.9
27. Mike Dunleavy – 5.9
29. Michael Redd – 5.8
30. Vince Carter – 5.7
30. Carlos Boozer – 5.7
32. Rashard Lewis – 5.6
33. Grant Hill – 5.2
34. Ray Allen – 5.1
35. Josh Smith – 5.0
35. Devin Harris – 5.0
35. Tayshaun Prince – 5.0
35. Brendan Haywood – 5.0


7 Responses

  1. it’s interesting to note that Shaq is out of the list…..

  2. how come jason kidd is not on the list?

  3. Kidd is only +3.5. Its funny that for all the crap Vince Carter gets from the media, statistically, he is the main difference maker for the Nets at +6.3 (as of today) compared to Kidd at +3.5 and Jefferson at +3.0.

  4. how do you compute these things? hahaha! im clueless.. but the thing is, vince carter’s play has declined this season.. he settles for jumpers instead of attacking the lane.. kidd is demanding for a trade now and it would be interesting to see if jefferson and carter can lift the nets this time.

  5. I don’t compute these things. Its this site right here:

    They do a great job with this stuff. As far as the Nets go.. the east is so bad that they could easily pull it together for a playoff run. They’re only 1/2 game out right now!

  6. @str8hoops
    thanks for the info! hahaha!

  7. of course Manu Ginobilli! Spurs without Duncan or Parker can go ahead. Manu can play other different functions in the team. Better to have all 3, but if Parker if not there… well, they can play. If Duncan is not it will be hard, but if Manu is not there, what do you think?

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