Vince Carter for Jermaine O’Neal?

Vince Carter for Jermaine O’Neal Deal Back On?

It is being reported that the Nets and Pacers have resumed talks of a trade that would send Vince Carter to Indiana for Jermaine O’Neal.

Jermaine O’Neal and Vince Carter

The Nets should think long and hard before they trade Vince Carter for Jermaine O’Neal. It seems like everyone loves to pile on Vince. Consider these stats… the Nets are 0-5 this season without Carter, losing by an average score of 92.6 to 76.6. With Carter, they are a respectable18-16. Over the past 2+ seasons, Vince has only missed 8 games (out of 203) and the Nets have lost all of them.

O’Neal, on the other hand, has missed 52 games in that span plus another 38 the previous season. His scoring average has dropped the last four seasons: 24.3, 20.1, 19.4 to 15.3 this season and his 7.3 rebounds are 1.5 rebounds less than he has had in any year since he became a starter.

I just don’t think Carter is the problem in NJ and an ailing and oft-injured Jermaine O’Neal doesn’t seem to be the solution.

The only reason the Nets could think about pulling the trigger on this deal is to get out of Carter’s long term deal. Vince is signed for the next 5 years at about 13.3 M/yr while O’Neal is signed for 19.7 M for the next two years.


3 Responses

  1. If I’m the Nets, I jump at the opportunity to make this trade. Big men are very hard to find while an athletic swingman is like finding a decent running back in the NFL.

    Carter may sell more tickets but O’Neal would make them a definite playoff contender. Kidd, Richardson and O’Neal is right up there with Boston’s “Big Three.”

    I doubt the deal goes down but if it does, New Jersey definitely wins.

  2. I agree JO is not the solution to anyone’s problems, but Nets do need to shake up their roster. And now it seems like JO will sit the rest of the season to heal his knee so i guess the deal with New Jersey is off the table. If (when) Indy is eliminated from the playoff contention, and if it happens before the trading deadline an even worse team might trade for him, but with two more years of a huge contract even that might not be easy.

  3. as a nets fan, i think it’s tempting to take jermaine o’neal for vince, but jermaine is made of glass! he will be out for the next two weeks or possibly the entire season because of knee injuries. the nets clearly needs a quality big man, but i’d rather keep vince if we are gonna get a fragile brittle big man..

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