NBA Player Nicknames – Part VI (Northwest Division)

NBA Player Nicknames

This is the last in a 6-post series on current NBA player nicknames.

Click here for an updated list of all NBA Nicknames.


Allen Iverson: A man of many nicknames

Denver Nuggets

Carmelo Anthony – Melo
Marcus Camby – the Cambyman
Yakhouba Diawara – Kooba
Steven Hunter – the Postman
Allen Iverson – AI, the Answer, Jewelz, Me Myself and Iverson, the Third Degree, Bubba Chuck
Linas Kleiza – the Menace, TV-L
Kenyon Martin – K-Mart, Bad Ass Yellow Boy, Sir Dunks-A lot
Eduardo Najera – the Flying Mexican
J.R. Smith – the Prodigy

Minnesota Timberwolves

Corey Brewer – the Drunken Dribbler, C-B, C-Brew
Gerald Green – G-Money, Ice, High-5
Al Jefferson – Big Al
Mark Madsen – the Mad Dog
Craig Smith – Cookie, Cookie Monster, Jax, the Rhino
Sebastian Telfair – Bassy, Seabass, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Seba
Antoine Walker – ‘Toine, Employee #8, A &W

Portland Trailblazers

LaMarcus Aldridge – L-Train, LMA
Steve Blake – Los
Channing Frye – Buffet of Goodness
Jarett Jack – JJ
Darius Miles – D-Miles, the Punisher
Travis Outllaw – Trout
Joel Pryzbilla – the Vanilla Gorilla, Ghostface
Sergio Rodriguez – Spanish Chocolate
Brandon Roy – the Natural, the Golden Boy, B-Roy, the Blade
Martell Webster – the Definition

Luke RidnourFrodo Baggins

Luke Ridnour also answers to the name Frodo

Seattle Supersonics

Nick Collison – Border Collie
Kevin Durant – KD, K-Dog, K-Smoove, the Second Coming
Jeff Green – Green Monster, the Predator
Luke Ridnour – Frodo, the Mop, Cool Hand Luke, Lucky Luke
Mouhamed Sene – Flavor Flav
Robert Swift – Big Redhead
Wally Szczerbiak – Wally World
Kurt Thomas – Dirty
Delonte West – Redz, D-West

Utah Jazz

Carlos Boozer – Booze
Ronnie Brewer – Brewdog
Matt Harpring – the Bulldog
Jason Hart – J-Hart
Andrei Kirilenko – AK-47
Kyle Korver – K2, K-Squared
Mehmet Okur – Memo
Deron Williams – D-Will, Kingpin


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  1. Luke Ridnour has been known as Young Rid since his days at Oregon.

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