NBA Player Nicknames – Part V (Southwest Division)

NBA Player Nicknames

Here is part 5 of the 6-post series of NBA player nicknames.

Click here for an updated list of all NBA Nicknames.

Yao Ming
Hey, its Shaquie Chan!

Dallas Mavericks

Jose Juan Barea – JJ
Brandon Bass – B Bass
Erick Dampier – Damp
Desagana Diop – Gana
Josh Howard – J-Ho, Jo-How
Eddie Jones – EJ
Dirk Nowitzki – Diggler
Jerry Stackhouse – Stack
Jason Terry – JT, the Jet

Houston Rockets

Rafer Alston – Skip to My Lou
Shane Battier – Alien Nation
Aaron Brooks – AB
Steve Francis – Stevie Franchise
Mike James – Pit Bull
Tracy McGrady – T-Mac
Yao Ming – the Dynasty, the Wall, the Great Wall, Shaqie Chan
Dikembe Mutombo – Mt Mutombo
Bonzi Wells – the Bonz

New Orleans Hornets

Hilton Armstrong – Hungry Hungry Hilton
Rasual Butler – Sual Bop
Chris Paul – CP3
Morris Peterson – Mo-Pete, MP3
David West – D-West, the X-Factor, DX
Julian Wright – Ju-Ju, Raptor

Tim Duncan
The Big Fundamental aka Groundhog Day lays the ball in over the Caveman as the Red Rocket, Mr. Longoria and Q-Ross look on.

San Antonio Spurs

Brent Barry – Bones
Matt Bonner – the Red Rocket
Tim Duncan – the Big Fundamental, Timmay, Groundhog Day
Francisco Elson – Geico
Manu Ginobili – Gino, El Contusion
Robert Horry – Big Shot Bob, Big Shot Rob
Fabricio Oberto – Fabio
Tony Parker – TP, Mr. Longoria

Memphis Grizzlies

Brian Cardinal – the Janitor, the Custodian
Mike Conley – Money Mike
Pau Gasol – the Meal Ticket, Picasso, PG, Spanish Fly
Darko Milicic – Donny Darko, the Human Victory Cigar
Juan Carlos Navarro – La Bomba
Stromile Swift – Stro
Hakim Warrick – Hak, Helicopter

**** Part VI coming soon.

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  1. Dirk – the blonde bomber

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