NBA Star/Goat of the Week – Week 10

NBA Star of the Week

Allen Iverson

Iverson led the Nuggets to a 3-0 record this week including a big win over the Spurs

Allen Iverson – The Answer was on fire this week, averaging 33 points and 5 assists while shooting 53% from the field and 92% from the line as Denver went unbeaten in three games.


NBA Goat of the Week

Pat Riley of the Miami Heat

Are Riley and the Heat Players on the Same Page?

Pat Riley – For all the flack Isiah Thomas and the Knicks have gotten on this blog (and its well deserved), the Heat actually have a worse record. And I know that injuries have hit the Heat hard. But how can a team less than 2 years removed from a championship with a roster that includes Dwyane Wade and the artist formerly known as Shaq be this bad? Bottom line is that Riley is both the coach and the team President and he bears the responsibility. The Heat are currently on a seven game losing streak… and there is no help in sight.


One Response

  1. Iverson is so underrated man. At that height and weight, the things he does on the court are just amazing.

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