NBA Player Nicknames – Part IV (Pacific Division)

Here is part 4 of the 6-post series of NBA player nicknames.

Click here for an updated list of all NBA Nicknames.

Chris Kaman aka the Caveman

Chris Kaman is “The Caveman”

Golden State Warriors

Kelenna Azubuike – Buike (Booky)
Marco Belinelli – Beli
Andris Biedrins – Dre
Austin Croshere – Cro
Baron Davis – B-Diddy, Boom Dizzle, B-Dazzled, Too Easy, the Baron
Monta Ellis – the Mississippi Bullet
Troy Hudson – T-Hud
Steven Jackson – Action, Captain Jack
Sarunas Jaikevicius – Jazzy Cabbages
Mickael Pietrus – MP2, Air France

Los Angeles Clippers

Elton Brand – E-B, E-Beasie
Sam Cassell – Sam I Am
Chris Kaman – the Caveman, Shaggy, the Zombie, Crazy Clown
Cuttino Mobley – Cat
Ruben Patterson – The Kobe Stopper, the Nanny Stopper
Quinton Ross – Q-Ross
Tim Thomas – T-Tom
Aaron Williams – A-Train

Los Angeles Lakers

Andrew Bynum – Socks, the A-Train
Kobe Bryant – the Black Mamba, KB-24, Kob-Me
Jordan Farmar – J-Farm
Derek Fisher – Fish, D-Fish
Lamar Odom – the Goods, Odominator
Vladimir Radmanovic – Radman
Luke Walton – Little Wheats

Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant
Hair Canada vs. the Black Mamba

Phoenix Suns

Leandro Barbosa – Leandrinho, the Brazilian Bomber, LB
Boris Diaw – 3D
Grant Hill – G-Money
Shawn Marion – the Matrix
Steve Nash – Nashty, Hair Canada
Eric Piatkowski – the Polish Rifle
Amare Stoudamire – Stat
Alando Tucker – Doe

Sacramento Kings

Sharef Abdur-Rahim – Reef
Ron Artest – RonRon, TruWarrior
Mike Bibby – Bib
Francisco Garcia – Latin Assassin, Frank
Spencer Hawes – Hee
Kevin Martin – Kid N Play, K-Mart, K-Money
John Salmons – Buck
Kenny Thomas – K9

**** Part V coming soon.

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2 Responses

  1. Sasha Vujacic – The Machine
    Radmonovic also known by laker fans as Space Cadet

  2. Hamed “the worst player in the NBA” Haddidi – when he plays
    Eddie “House nigga!” – when hits a three and you get excited
    Nick “the real Agent 0” Young – for his lack of production
    Tracy “the second round virgin” McGrady – he just can’t get there

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