NBA Player Nicknames – Part II (Central Division)

Here is part 2 of the 6-post series of NBA player nicknames. If you missed Part I, (Atlantic Division), click here. I will compile all nicknames and give my thoughts once all 6 posts are complete.

Click here for an updated list of all NBA Nicknames.

Tyrus Thomas
Free Money aka TNT aka T-Time

Chicago Bulls

Luol Deng – the Man from Sudan
Chris Duhon – Du
Ben Gordon – Gentle Ben, Madison Square Gordon, Air Gordon
Adrian Griffin – the Hawk
Kirk Hinrich – Captain Kirk
Joakim Noah – Dr. No, the Noble One
Andres Nocioni – Chapu, Noch
Tyrus Thomas – Free Money, TNT, T-Time
Ben Wallace – Big Ben, Beast from the East

Cleveland Cavs

Daniel Gibson – Boobie
Drew Gooden – the Truth (he claims this was his before Pierce!), the Big Drizzle
Larry Hughes – Smooth
Zydrunas Ilgauskus – Big Z, the Riddler, the Wall
Lebron James – King James, Bron Bron, LBJ, the Chosen One
Damon Jones – the Specialist, DJ
Donyell Marshall – D-Marsh, Yell
Eric Snow – E-Snow, the Snowman
Anderson Varejao – Wild Thing

Detroit Pistons

Aaron Afflalo – Afflalo Creed
Chauncey Billups – Mr. Big Shot
Richard Hamilton – Rip
Walter Herrmann – Fabio
Lindsey Hunter – the Hunter
Jason Maxiell – J-Max, Mad Max
Antonio McDyess – Dice
Ronald Murry – Flip
Tayshaun Prince – Prince of the Palace, Tay
Rodney Stuckey – RS3, Hot Rod
Rasheed Wallace – Sheed, Roscoe

Indiana Pacers

Marquis Daniels – Quis
Mike Dunleavy – the Natural
Danny Granger – Danny G
Jermaine O’Neal – JO
Kareem Rush – K-Rush
Jamaal Tinsley – Mel Mel the Abuser

Yi Jianlian aka the Chairman
The Chairman faces up against some tough defense… a chair.

Milwaukee Bucks

Andrew Bogut – Bogey, Bogues
Dan Gadzuric – the Flying Dutchman, Big Dan
Royal Ivey – Cheese
Yi Jianlian – the Chairman
Desmond Mason- the Cowboy, D-Mase
Michael Redd – Redd Hot, Silky
Bobby Simmons – Chinese Food
Charlie Villanueva – Skillanueva, CV, CV3, C-Elite, Big Smooth

**Part III Coming Soon…

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3 Responses

  1. Watts apperently Drew Gooden wants to be referred to as “The Big Drizzle” b/c he makes it rain on the bucket.

  2. OK, I can buy that.

  3. Super Joe!!!! Alexander for his ability to jump out of the gym.

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