NBA Player Nicknames – Part I (Atlantic Division)

This will be the first in a 6-post series on NBA player nicknames. Up today… the Atlantic Division.

Click here for an updated list of all NBA Nicknames.

Jason Kidd aka J-Kidd.jpgJerome James aka Big Snacks
“JKidd” may be a future Hall of Famer, but his nickname is no match for “Big Snacks”

Boston Celtics

Ray Allen – Jesus, RayRay, Sugar
Glen Davis – Big Baby
Kevin Garnett – the Big Ticket, the Kid, KG
Eddie House – E-House, E-Money
Kendrick Perkins – Perk, Swamp Thang
Paul Pierce – the Truth
James Posey – the X-Factor
Brian Scalabrine – Veal, Scal

New Jersey Nets

Vince Carter – Vinsanity, Half-man Half-amazing, VC, Air Canada
Richard Jefferson – RJ
Jason Kidd – J-Kidd, Mr. Triple Double
Nenad Krstic – Curly, Ballistic Krstic
Jamal Magloire – the Big Cat
Bostjan Nachbar – Boki

New York Knicks

Eddy Curry – E-City
Jerome James – Big Snacks
Fred Jones – Indiana Jones
David Lee – Da White Howard
Stephon Marbury – Starbury
Zach Randolph – Z-Bo
Quentin Richardson – Q-Rich
Malik Rose – Shaq of the NAC
Nate Robinson – Nate the Great

Philadelphia 76ers

Samuel Dalembert – the Haitian Sensation
Reggie Evans – the Collector
Andre Iguodala – AI 2.0, Iggy
Kyle Korver – K2, K-Squared
Andre Miller – the Penguin

Garbajosa and Calderon

Ocho Special y Garbo

Toronto Raptors

Andrea Bargnani – Il Mago
Maceo Baston – Wide Mouth
Chris Bosh – CB4
Jose Calderon – the Ocho, Ocho Special
Juan Dixon – Da Juan
TJ Ford – the Little Engine, Texas Tornado
Jorge Garbajosa – Garbo
Kris Humpries – K-Hump, Humpty-Hump, Hump
Jamario Moon – the Screwdriver, Super Jamario
Rasho Nesterovic – ShoSho
Anthony Parker – AP

**Part II Coming Soon…

Part I (Atlantic Division)
Part II (Central Division)
Part III (Southeast Division)
Part IV (Pacific Division)
Part V (Southwest Division)
Part VI (Northwest Division)


13 Responses

  1. I’ve always liked the “The Truth” for Pierce. It’s simple but it says a lot about his game.

  2. Re: Marquis

    Yeah, I think Shaq called him that after a preseason game maybe before his 3rd or 4th year in the league… and its stuck ever since.

  3. Watts what about Ason Kidd b/c he has no Jay

  4. More Raptors:
    “The Spanish Armada” Jorge Garbajosa and Jose Calderon
    “Oh my Bosh” -Chris Bosh

  5. Ason Kidd is not bad!

    I almost put in the Spanish Armada, but decided against putting in nicknames for player combos. And I actully saw “Oh My Bosh” and figured that was ridiculous and no one would ever call him that.

  6. Kidd has tons I’ve heard:
    Mr Triple Double
    The Whiz Kidd
    Sir Dish-a-Lot
    maybe even Ike Turner

  7. OK, I’ll give you Mr Triple Double (as lame a nickname as that is)… but not the Whiz Kidd or Sir Dish-a-Lot.

    Are you sure you weren’t thinking of Sir Oinks-a-Lot from the Simpsons ‘When Homer Goes to College’… possibly my favorite Simpsons episode?

  8. What about
    Jamario Moon : “The screwdriver” or “the Screw”
    his dad asked him to go and get him a hammer from the tool box and he came back with a screwdriver.
    From then on they called him screwdriver and it digressed from there down to screw.
    I like “Super Jamario”

  9. Now those are great nicknames. I will update with those for the final list.

  10. As a Raptor fan I wouldn’t mind seeing the following added (legit nicknames) —

    Jamario Moon: Apollo 33, ‘Bama Slama
    Jose Calderon: The Spanish Fly
    Andrea Bargnani: Bargs
    Jason Kapono: Jay-K
    Juan Dixon: Juanderful
    Carlos Delfino: Del-fine-o, Delf

  11. Aw man, this is one of my favorite blogs. Keep up the good work :D

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