Merry Christmas… NBA Style!

Merry Christmas... NBA Style!

Its Christmas and that means the first big national TV games for the NBA this season. This year… its Heat vs Cavs followed by Lakers vs Suns. The Heat-Cavs matchup features two of the NBA’s best and most marketable players with D-Wade facing off against Lebron. Yet, that game must have looked a lot better on paper a few months ago than it does now with these two teams combining for 20 wins and 35 losses so far this season. If the playoffs started today, neither team would be in. The Cavs probably will be when its all said and done… but the Heat, probably not. Knowing what we know now, Celtics vs Pistons should have been the Eastern Conference showcase game for Xmas.

Lakers-Suns, on the other hand, should be excellent. Any game involving the Suns is potentially entertaining and the fact that the Lakers have been playing great recently sets this up as “must-see TV” for NBA fans. Also, you can’t forget about the fact that these teams have quite a history, which includes first round playoff series wins for the Suns each of the past two years. The amazing seven game series from 2006 was probably the most entertaining and competitive first round playoff series I have ever seen.

NBA ECards for Christmas

With the Portland Trailblazers absolutely on fire right now (10 wins in a row and counting), give that Blazers fan in your life the gift that keeps on giving… a Blazers e-Greeting Card. What embodies the Christmas spirit more than sending your loved ones a picture of everyone’s favorite wife-beating, nanny-raping registered sex offender Ruben Patterson in a Santa hat?!

Ruben Patterson Says Merry XMasSebastain Telfair Blazers ecard

Do I send out Patterson or Telfair? Thats a win-win situation!

If for some reason you are not a fan of the 2004-2005 Portland Jail-Gangstas, you could always send a Suns e-card. They offer coach Mike D’Antoni and a giddy Shawn Marion in addition to the two exceptional cards displayed below.

Suns Gorilla e-greeting Amare Stoudamire Chistmas Card

The Suns Gorilla has a cool signature, especially considering his hairy gorilla fingers.

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