Gilbert Arenas Wins Best Celebrity Blogger

Gilbert Arenas

Arenas Finally Gets a Win

Gilbert Arenas can’t win a game this season, but he did win the 2007 Best Celebrity Blogger Award, getting the best of Rosie O’Donnell, Kanye West, Curt Schilling, John Mayer, Donald Trump and others.

On his Agent Zero Blog, Arenas writes:

“The other people didn’t have a chance. No one was close. Kanye … 500 votes? Yeah, I got 10,000. You can’t tell me nothing.”

Hell yeah, Gilbert.


One Response

  1. Arenas has proven to be one of the most dynamic players in the NBA when healthy, but a major knee and an overzealous rehabilitation sidelined him for most of the last season. He had a first surgery on the knee in April 2007, tried to come back too soon and had a second operation in November. He missed 66 games before returning late in the season, but he had to shut himself down again during the first-round playoff series against Cleveland.

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